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The Transforming Power of Forgiveness
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Book Feature
By Dr. Don Dunlap
Pastoral Counselor
Forgiveness is a prerequisite skill for every Christian.

During the past twenty-five years I have conducted approximately twenty thousand counseling appointments.  About 70% of these appointments were spent addressing marriage and family problems.  The other 30% of the sessions were directed towards dealing with a wide range of counseling issues such as overcoming depression and anxiety, learning how to discern God’s will, conquering impure thoughts, and learning financial stewardship.

Throughout the course of these thousands of counseling sessions I have found that one problem has surfaced more often than any other issue.  The recurring problem is that most Christians have a serious misunderstanding of the process of biblical forgiveness.

Come explore with us this exciting new book as it unfolds the true stories of those who have overcome offenses, hurt, and emotional pain through biblical forgiveness.

Confusion exists in the Christian community concerning the scriptural definition of forgiveness.

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