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Confusion exists in the Christian community concerning the scriptural definition of forgiveness.

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We cannot do away with our guilt by rationalizing or justifying our wrong behavior.

Dr. Dunlap provides insight into what is required of Christians who have committed adultery.

Men and women seem to undergo a radical change immediately following the wedding ceremony.

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When husbands and wives neglect marital communication, hurt and emotional distance replace intimacy.

Debra Dunlap
Parents, take heart. We do have a parent’s manual for raising our children—the Word of God

Family devotions don’t have to be long and complex to be meaningful.

Children are a blessing and a gift from God.

Checklists for husbands, wives, parents, children, and Christians.

When Christian friends experience conflict they must take steps to resolve their differences.

God does not want us to deny our feelings of anger, but He does expect us to handle them biblically.

Few Christians understand that the sin of worrying is a serious hindrance to their spiritual growth.

We need to understand how our careless words have the potential to devastate and destroy others.

When we seek God's approval and affirmation, rather than the approval of others, we are set free.

When we win the battle of our “thought life” we begin to have victory over sexual sin.

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