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Archbishop Earl Paulk
The Ministry of Bishop Earl Paulk
Born to Earl and Addie Mae Paulk in 1927, Earl Paulk grew up in a strict but affectionate pastor's home. At 17 years of age, Earl, Jr. received a dramatic call from God to the ministry. With college classes during the week, he immediately began traveling and preaching on the weekends.

Earl Paulk was soon joined in marriage to a young lady from his father's church, Norma Davis. The young couple took on interim pastorates and traveled extensively. Earl continued his education at Candler School of Theology in Atlanta, Georgia, becoming the first Pentecostal-born student ever to attend the Methodist seminary.

With a pastorate in the Atlanta area during the turbulent 1950's, Pastor Paulk became known around the city for his bold preaching against prejudice and racism through his television and radio programs. He joined the ranks of the King family and others in the fight for civil rights. A member of the Atlanta Christian Council, Pastor Paulk signed the Atlanta Manifesto condemning the attitude of some who threatened to close schools rather than integrate.

With a vision from God for Atlanta, Earl was joined by his sister and brother and their families to begin a unique ministry -- loving all people regardless of race or religion. The Gospel Harvester Ministries was birthed out of their burning desire to reach out to those scattered and wounded.

Earl Paulk holds doctorates in both Theology and Divinity. He was named to the office of Bishop in the International Communion of Charismatic Churches in 1982. Bishop Paulk now heads a staff of over 25 full-time pastors who serve a parish of over 25,000. A forerunner in the church community, Bishop Paulk brings forth a challenging message of hope and restoration.

He is the author of several books and has presented hundreds of sermons regarding the role of the Church in modern society.

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