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By Mark Dever
We know, not the advice you were expecting, at least not from this pastor. In this article Mark Dever explains how to -- and how not to -- shepherd your church toward discipline. More

By Greg Gilbert
Want to lead your church to practice discipline? Then check out Greg Gilbert’s list of what you should teach first.  More

By Matt Schmucker
In this article, Matt Schmucker explains why some of the most dangerous people in your church are the ones who aren’t even there. More

By Jonathan Leeman
Can a church member simply resign his membership in order to avoid discipline? If he attempts to, what should the church do? Jonathan Leeman’s got answers. More

By Stephen Matteucci
While it's generally wise (and biblical!) to stay out of other people's quarrels, sometimes Jesus commands it.

What lessons on church discipline have you learned the hard way? Answers from Tom Ascol, Bob Johnson, Dennis Newkirk, Walter Price, and Philip Ryken

Matt Schmucker
By Matt Schmucker
Do the names on your membership rolls reflect the names of the people sitting in your pews on Sunday morning? As a pastor, wouldn't it be nice to have an accurate picture of the flock God has called you tend? If these questions resonate with you, then click and read Matt Schmucker's (Director of 9Marks) piece on the steps to consider when cleaning up your membership rolls. More

By Wyman Richardson
This church discipline cost-benefit analysis might surprise you, both by what you'll gain by practicing discipline and by what you'll lose by neglecting it.

By Jonathan Leeman
In case you’re new to the topic, here’s the “what,” the “when,” the “how,” and the “why” of church discipline.

By Gregory A. Wills
Over 150 years ago, John Dagg famously said, "When discipline leaves a church, Christ leaves with it." Was he right?

By Ken Sande
Biblical and Legal Protection for Church Discipline How can churches wisely practice discipline in a litigious society?

By Kevin DeYoung
DeYoung tackles the question of whether a church can practice discipline when its denomination doesn’t. Along the way he offers lessons for Evangelicals from the Mainline.

By Bobby Jamieson
Treasures of biblical wisdom lie buried beneath dense prose in this collection of historic Baptist writings. This article helps you mine them out.