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scott croft
Scott Croft Profile

A providential conversation around a dining table first introduced Scott Croft to Capitol Hill Baptist Church. He lamented to Will Inboden, a friend at the table, that he was having a difficult time finding a church since he had moved to Washington, D.C. for a one-year graduate fellowship. Much has changed since then. Seven years later he is married to Rachel, he’s a student at Georgetown Law, and he’s serving as an elder at CHBC.

Scott first understood the inner workings of the church during an “invaluable” year in 2000 as a pastoral assistant to Mark Dever, senior pastor of CHBC. That year he observed the way elders oversee theological teaching and care of the congregation. Scott particularly serves the members by faithfully teaching the dating and courtship core seminar. “It’s an aspect of life where Christians look much like the world in their dating relationships,” says Scott. When he designed the material for the class, he “started with what the Bible says about dating, and worked from there.” In studying the Word of God one passage he always returns to is Ephesians 2. Its basic account of Christianity “is a wonderful summary of who God is and how he’s treated us,” explained Scott.

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