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Special Note:I have fallen behind on the reviews. I will try to work your CD in but email me first to make sure I can. Thanks for understanding! More

The new CD out by Amy Douglas, Heart of Courage, is a smooth flowing, easy listening CD that is filled with genuine emotion. I call it 'easy listening' because it is so easy to listen to. I say, 'genuine emotion' because as Amy sings you can actually feel the words penetrating your heart.

Amy's voice is soft, yet powerful. Her singing is polished, yet touching. Her song writing--amazing!  Read more >>> More

Moment of Truth is an absolute musical work of art. The harmony on this project is just unbelievable. Each selection has a spiritual punch to it that only a group like Gold City can deliver. And speaking of punches, Gold City has received a few in recent years but they have always managed to bounce back. This CD is proof of that. More

AMG's Capital Music Café has the right recipe for serving up some great gospel music on Volume 74 of their various artists series. When you mix talent with great lyrics and Anointed music, you have the ingredients for the making of a great album. And each artist performing on this series has something extraordinary to bring to the table. Distinguished guests on this volume include, the legendary Dixie Melody Boys, and 8 time award winning tenor, Brian Free, and his band Assurance. More

Spiritually armed and shooting for the heart, gospel singing sensation Donna Jackson has much to offer on her latest music CD Rescue Me. The album comes fully loaded with a combination of songs that range from emotionally uplifting to spiritually exhilarating. There's never a dull moment on this never know what's going to happen next music CD. More

His voice is charming; his music is refreshing and new. The latest CD out by award winning singer/songwriter Christopher Ames is already proving to be an extraordinary inspiration to couples everywhere. I, personally, was impressed with Christopher's compelling performance on what has become my favorite song on the project, Last Word. I also enjoyed the title cut Everyday With You as well as Pictures of Us. Read more More

I found the tracks on Shannon Perry's CD Tell the Story to  be spiritually stirring as well as musically stimulating. She is a very talented singer and the music on this project in itself is remarkably impressive.  I found myself wanting to sing along to the tunes Bad News for the Blues and It's a Good Thing.  Read More... More

As newcomer Arkin Terrell's embarks on a gospel music career one thing is certain, he has what it takes to make spiritual waves in this business.  He has the voice and he has God's stamp of approval. As you listen to the selections on One Step Closer, you will not only notice his incredible voice, but the Anointing that accompanies it. This, is what success is made of. This, is gospel music at it's best. This, is a young man that is well on his way to becoming a gospel music star. More

Well-known as a member of the gospel group, The Martins, Judy Martin Hess has a voice that can easily be described as angelic. And, this Grammy nominated multiple Dove award-winning singer provides spiritual inspiration in song that can only be described as Heaven sent. With its unique sound, gifted lyrics, and impressive vocals, Color Me caters not only to the ear, but also to the heart of the listener. Over all, I found this CD to be a genuine pleasure to listen to. More

As I listened to the 28 Project I was impressed, and touched, with the voices of twenty-four-year-old Jessica Aultman and her nineteen-year-old-year sister Vanessa. But when I learned that the proceeds from the sales of their CD will go to global mission work, I was even more impressed with their hearts. More

My Miracle is a very soothing and inspirational CD! As I listened to this album, I was provided with 39 minutes of non-stop worship music and each selection met my expectations of being very warm and touching. Read More More

This CD has the Wow factor! Wow! This guy can sing!

With a voice range that reaches five octaves one could easily say, "Miles Pike has talent!"  What I want to quickly point out however, is that he possesses something even far more precious than his talent. And that is, The Anointing! As you play his CD you will quickly notice that what you are listening to is not of this world, but of the world beyond. Read more>> More

This CD is a joy to listen to and a treasure to own

As you listen to this collection of songs you will feel the Spirit of God drawing you into an atmosphere of praise and worship. As each song plays your heart will overflow with admiration for our Lord and Savior! The sincerity in this singer's voice will captivate and hold the attention of any listener. This is not one of those boring CD's that are so often referred to as worship. This one is genuine and has what some of the others lack, God appeal More

This collection of songs, by various artists, provides spiritual inspiration with a touch of patriotism. This CD has it all. When you're feeling patriotic, you will enjoy listening to Donna Jackson's 'Star Spangled Banner' as well as the legendary Boots Randolph's 'Patriotic Medley'. When you're in the mood for something spiritual you can listen to Chelby Lynn's up-tempo 'Take Me By The Hand', and David and Dottie's fast moving 'Satan's Prison'. The latter is the gospel version of a Johnny Cash Classic. More

The true Spirit of Christmas will come to life in your heart as you listen to this holiday CD.  Holy Christmas Deity, Silent Night, and Noel Medley, each create a soft and pleasant atmosphere in which you can rid yourself of holiday stress. This CD would provide excellent background music for you and your family as you gather around the tree to open presents on Christmas morning. More

As you listen to this CD you will be captivated by Genelle's voice and with God’s message. Victory Ground, Angels Step Back, and I Am Just Trying to Get Home sets the stage for you to receive spiritual blessings as they rain down from Heaven above. Your mind will be released from this troubled world as your thoughts are redirected to things on high. Click Arrow for More More

This CD provides a very peaceful, calming effect. Smooth beats with words of praise invite the listener to relax in the peaceful presence of God. As you listen to songs like Faithful, and You and Me Lord, you will be engulfed with praise as your soul overflows with true worship. The worries of this world will then fade away as if they never existed. Follow Arrow for more More

Although he may be retired from baseball, Kent Bottenfield is definitely "Back in The Game" with his new inspiring CD. Each melody is filled with that of thankfulness, praise, and admiration toward our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Each song brings you into an atmosphere of one-on-one worship with God.

Click Here for Full Review More

In my opinion, this group has the potential of making it really big in the Gospel Music industry. Their family harmony blends into an angelic sound that will fill your soul with admiration for the Lord. You will be spiritually captivated as you listen to each selection on this CD.

Click Here For Full Review More

This lady can sing. She has style and she has class. And, if that isn't enough, the entire CD is Anointed with God's presence. And that, I must say, is what stands out to me the most!

Click Here for the Review by Darlene Osborne, Publisher of this Magazine. More

By Jessica Osborne

Very inspiring and uplifting. This CD will draw your spirit to focus more on God and will encourage you in your faith to "Keep on Walkin’ as this project is so appropriately named.

Click Here for full review by Jessica Osborne, Staff Writer. More

By Jessica Osborne

No doubt about it, this project was recorded in the presence of God. You will especially enjoy the title song You Can Win The Battle written by Ms. Bryant herself. This CD will truly inspire you to keep on fighting no matter what you are facing.

Click Here for Full Reviewby Jessica Osborne, Staff Writer. More

Not only can Marsha sing, she can also write. She wrote eight of the eleven songs you'll hear on this CD. And, in my opinion, her song writing makes this project stand out as all the more touching.

Click Here for full review by Darlene Osborne. More

By Jessica Osborne
Very easy going, relaxing and soft.  If you want to unwind and let go of a hectic day then Jilleen's "The Hymns Experience" is the CD for you.

Click Here for full review by Jessica Osborne, Staff Writer. More

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