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Messages from Alien Grays of UFOs
Most people who believe in UFOs think they are visitors from another planet. Although many sightings can be dismissed as hoaxes, hallucinations, or mistakes, not all can be ignored. Too many witnesses are credible, their reports too consistent, and the nature of effects on contactees too obvious.

Some UFOs are solid. Bullets ricochet off their surface. Radar picks up some. They stall motors with electrical ignition without burnout, so they are not ordinary magnetic induction force fields. They paralyze electrons.

UFOs look different to witnesses of the same flap. They come in an impossibly wide variety of craft, seemingly individually made and used only once. They frequently stop for repairs, leaving not metal fragments behind at the site, but oily silicon aluminum debris and dents in the ground. Crashes are seen, but never found. UFOs start fires, scorch treetops and landing sites, drain water reservoirs, and cause large radiation fields. They may not show up on photographic film. Though they move faster than the speed of sound, they make no sonic boom. They seem to not be bound by known physical laws. Light beams pass through brick walls or stop midair.

Witnesses cannot tell if they are seeing physical forms, apparitions, or experiences implanted in their minds. Dazzling lights cause headaches. Time may be lost and unaccounted for.

power of air

Contactees receive messages from entities, usually by telepathy. They say they are extraterrestrials that converted to pure energy at the point of origin, and reconverted into three dimensional structures at the destination using earth’s physical matter. The entities may materialize using energy radiating from the paralyzed and terrified witnesses. The entities commonly tell the contactees they are receiving a special message that will benefit the whole earth. They present themselves as benevolent aliens who will soon contact world rulers and scientists. They may say that human are the result of a planned breeding experiment carried out by extraterrestrials who will return for us.

Contactees often remember the message by hypnotic regression. The entities know man is proud of insisting that seeing is believing, and the physical world is the only real world, so they provide physical evidence of interstellar civilizations. In 1964 Betty Hill remembered a star map not humanly possible to be known correctly until 1972.

UFO occupants are looking for suitable contactees whose minds can be taken over to give a message to the earth, searching for hands to transmit revelations by automatic writing, and roaming the world seeking suitable bodies whose energy they can use for manifestations. UFO beings seem to need an energy source to restructure living energy into a physical form. They tap electrical power, paralyze a child, steal a dog, mutilate a cow. Usually UO sightings are at worst neutral for witnesses.

The UFO entities encourage their contactees to develop their psychic powers through altered states of consciousness. They tell them man has all the spiritual abilities to draw strength from these higher intelligences, that these other-dimension entities are here to help us into a transition. Mediums and mystics have long received these same messages. Most contactees had prior occult involvement. Continued communication with UFOs is done by occult means, ouija boards, automatic writing, psychic emergence and materialization, projections of consciousness, recording voices heard in the mind, ESP, telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, yoga, Akashic records, and necromancy. Mediumship is the preferred method.

Extraterrestrials supposedly authored “The Urantia Book”. Nearly one third is devoted to false interpretation of the Bible and Christ. The occult “The Second Book of Azrael” writes of preparing the way for communication with visitors from other worlds, and of a coming world leader who is both extraterrestrial and human. Extraterrestrials always seem to distort and attack Christianity, but not other religions. Bible prophecy and theology interest UFO occupants. The UFO messages deny the authority of the Bible, deny Christ’s sacrificial death for our salvation, and deny that Jesus is the only way to the Father. They appeal to human pride with salvation by works or reliance upon the divine within. Contactees are left with an anti-Biblical view of the next life.

UFO landings are not real craft from outer space, but deliberately faked episodes to make us believe there are beings from other worlds. The widespread belief in UFO abductions may explain away the disappearance of large numbers of Christians; people may believe aliens removed undesirables. Since demon can control electromagnetic phenomena, they can send communications to scientists all over the earth. They may present themselves as benevolent aliens soon to contact a world leader. Or all nations may unite against an attack by intelligent beings from another planet.

Before contact people were not crackpots or mental inmates. Afterwards many contactees have to be hospitalized for psychiatric treatment. The entities trick and deceive the contactees. They make them look like idiots. Most wind up sorry they ever got involved. Instead of receiving the cure for cancer to benefit all mankind, contact with these beings gives the contactees cancer, burns, deterioration of flesh, panic attacks, parasthesia, personality changes, and mysterious cremations.

UFO entities and appearances at spiritist seances need a human medium for any success. A being possesses the medium and uses ectoplasm from the medium’s body to materialize a form.. Ectoplasm, angels' hair, oily fluids get left behind. Both entities have an aversion to strong light, and may put out the lights. A sulfur smell may be a by-product of the chemical process which produces the transmogrification, the change to visibility. Witnesses at seances and UFO landings smell the same hydrogen sulfide, rotten egg smell. They hear voices in the mind. Phenomena appear, disappear, enlarge, and reduce instantly. Even if not quite real physically, they can move objects.

The humanoids are not quite complete. Fingers are missing, faces are smooth, legs are transparent, lips don’t move and sensorimotor skills are uncoordinated. Witches’ “little masters” are demon that appear to them but imperfect. Contactees have memories implanted of being kidnapped into a spacecraft for medical exams. Incubi sexual attackers moan like animals and feel cold.

Seemingly innocent pastimes that allow intrusion by external forces invite these evil beings to take over. Minds channeled in the wrong direction attract these negative energies. Any method that opens the mind with an altered state of consciousness – trance drugs, meditation, hypnosis – allows demons to function much better with humans. This can induce preternatural occult powers – astral projection, telepathy, clairvoyance, supernatural diagnosis of disease, psychometry. Those who practice these and witchcraft and magic to control forces are likely to become subjects of psychic attacks. They gave permission to demons to open and enter through forbidden doors. The humans come to desperately wish they could close those doors again.

Christians involved in sinful practices cannot effectively claim the power of Christ against opposing evil spirits. The fallen angels and demons who dared to oppose God will laugh at anyone who tries to resist them in their own power. Playing with or taunting these evil ones would be like jumping off the Temple roof expecting angels to catch us. The devil even dared tempt the Lord Jesus with a vision and offered him the world’s kingdoms if he would worship Satan, but then the devil had never met a human like Christ.

From “Close Encounters A Better Explanation” by Clifford Wilson and John Weldon

The devil, the father of lies
from John 8:44

deceitful...for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
II Corinthians 11:13-14

...the prince of the power of the air,
the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience.
Ephesians 2:2b

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12 KJ

...the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders...strong delusion, that they should believe a lie...
II Thessalonians 2:9b,11b

Daniel 11: 38
Baalhazor, "god of forces," was the lord of sky and battle. As Baalbamoth he was the lord of the aerial regions. As Baalzebub he was the lord of those who fly.

copyright 2000
These paintings are registered with the Library of Congress. All rights reserved.

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