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He Is Risen

By Oswald T. Allis

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This is an Easter hymn written by Dr. Oswald T. Allis [1880-1973], professor of Old Testament studies at Westminster Theological Seminary. It first appeared in the April, 20, 1960 issue of The Presbyterian Journal.


Oswald T. Allis was a noted Old Testament scholar and for nineteen years served as a professor of Semitic studies at Princeton Theological Seminary (1910-1929). In 1929, modernists managed to wrest control of Princeton, prompting Allis, J. Gresham Machen, Robert Dick Wilson and others to found Westminster Seminary. Dr. Allis was independently wealthy and it was his property in Philadelphia which served as the initial home of the new seminary.  He taught at Westminster for six years, and resigned in 1935 to devote himself to study and writing.  Among his notable works are Prophecy and the Church (1945) and God Spake By Moses (1951).


He Is Risen


He is risen!  Lo, is heard
From the grave this joyful word;
From the soldier-guarded tomb,
Place of sorrow and of gloom,
Where grim Death had triumph won
Over earth's most worthy Son.
Shines forth now a wondrous light,
Full of heavenly glory bright.


He is risen, as He said!
Risen triumphant from the dead;
Son of God declared to be
By this matchless victory.
He who died upon the cross,
For man's sin did suffer loss.
Did for man this anguish bear,
That man might His glory share.


Now, alive for evermore,
Pains of death for aye are o'er.
Endless triumph did He win
Over all the hosts of sin.
He abolished death and brought
Help that man had vainly sought,
Life for men, immortal life,
Was the guerdon of His strife.


Now, to Him all power is given.
He is Lord in earth and heaven.
Hear the words that thus record
What's decreed of Christ our Lord:
Kings of earth to Him shall bow,
Humblest slaves His Victory know;
Peoples, tribes, of all mankind
Shall in Him their Sovereign find.


Go therefore, all nations teach;
Christ, the risen Savior preach,
Till men everywhere shall hear
These glad tidings of good cheer.
Mighty men may tumult make,
Earth's foundations seem to shake;
Praising God, the Christian sings,
Christ is risen, King of kings!


Oswald T. Allis
(Tunes:  "St. George's Windsor,"


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