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A New Book on "Forgiveness"

By Dr. Don Dunlap
A practical book on the biblical principles of forgiveness.

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“A Journey to Forgiveness” is not a simple formula or “three easy steps to freedom.” If you’ve resigned yourself to merely “coping” with the alienation, resentment and emotional strain of a broken relationship or past hurts, you’re settling for less than God’s best. Preview these selected free chapters and find out step-by-step, how to make lasting peace with an offender. If you’re interested in reading the book, it’s available on CD Rom for $9.95 (price includes shipping & handling). See ordering information below:


As a counselor and pastor I have conducted over 20,000 counseling appointments in the past 25 years. Throughout the course of those counseling sessions, one problem surfaced more often than any other issue—most of the counselees did not understand how to forgive others biblically. Many of them assumed that they knew how to forgive. Yet their fragmented relationships and dysfunctional lives belied their claim that they truly exercised forgiveness as Scripture explains it. Countless times, I discovered that they had a simplistic, inadequate view of what it means to forgive others. Thus, they failed to derive benefit from the problems and trials that providentially occurred in their lives. My purpose in writing this book is, first of all, to set forth a thoroughly biblical definition of forgiveness. My second goal, using practical case studies from my counseling experience, is to teach readers how to deal with conflict effectively, and how to handle irritations and emotional wounds in a biblical manner.

Forgiveness is a subject that applies to men, women, youth and children. It addresses family dynamics, friendships, employee relations, marriage, and church inter-relationships. Biblical forgiveness is a principle that is woven throughout the fabric of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. Teenagers, singles, married couples, and senior adults alike, all would benefit from reading this book. Knowing how to forgive biblically, is a life skill that every individual must master in order to live a successful, God-honoring life. Because of the far-reaching ramifications of failing to forgive others biblically, the importance of this subject cannot be over-emphasized.

The tragic occurrence of September 11, 2001 highlights the significance of this topic. This book would be particularly helpful to individuals who have been wounded emotionally, who are holding a grudge against someone, who have been betrayed by a friend or loved one, or who have been through a traumatic life event, such as sexual molestation, abortion, divorce, or the loss of a child. This book stands out distinctively from every other book written on the topic of forgiveness in that it teaches readers how to derive specific benefit from the offenses and trials that occur in their lives.

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  • The Need for Forgiveness
    Confusion exists in the Christian community concerning the scriptural definition of forgiveness.
  • Why Forgiveness is Important
    Knowing how to forgive is a prerequisite skill for living a successful life.
  • Getting God's Perspective on Forgiveness
    We want to learn to deal with any difficult situation in a way that wins God’s commendations.

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