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Praying The Scriptures For Your Children

By The 700 Club
Author Jodie Berndt discusses how parents can pray God’s will over their children. -

Parents' Concerns

Berndt says all parents share prayer concerns regarding their children - concerns for wisdom, health, healthy relationships. She gained a good idea of these concerns by sending out 100 surveys to moms across the country.

She stuck surveys in their Christmas cards, and other important correspondence. Amazingly, there was so much interest she received back more replies than she sent out!

Based on the responses she received, Berndt grouped the various prayer concerns in several categories:
1.) Praying for your child's faith -- salvation, to love God's word, their gifts
2.) Praying for your child's character -- wisdom and discernment, servant's heart, self-control and diligence.
3.) Praying for your child's safety -- physical health and safety, spiritual protection, emotional well-being, kids in crisis.
4.) Praying for your child's relationship -- with friends, siblings, teachers and coaches, you.
5.) Praying for your child's future -- purpose in life, child's marriage, management or time and money

Pray God's Word

Praying God's will for your children involves several key prayer principles. One of the most powerful principles is "Scripture praying."

When we pray the promises of God for our children, our faith increases because we are praying back the very words of God. Because they come straight out of the Bible itself, they carry the full weight and power of God's word. Faith in the word of God is the most powerful force there is. Those things we see as impossible mountains in the lives of our children can be removed by praying the promises of Scripture.

When we pray in the name of Jesus, believing the promises of God, His power is released at that moment. We are in a battle for the very lives of our children.

What a comforting truth to know that when a righteous mom intercedes, using God's word on behalf of her children, God has heard her prayers and Satan's powers are dispelled. Satan's power can be destroyed by the power of the living Word of God.

All Can Pray

"As a mother, I've always seen prayer as a natural part of the parenting process, and I have always prayed for my children," Berndt says. But for years her prayers ran along the "God bless Johnny" lines. She'd ask God for help but didn't sense her prayers had punch.

Then she got involved with the group Moms In Touch (she is now a cell leader), and learned how to pray the Scriptures over her children effectively. One interesting way is to insert your kids' names in the appropriate places of Scripture. Such as for Ephesians 4:32, "I pray that Hillary would be kind and compassionate and, forgiving just as Christ God forgave her."

Berndt says not only are prayers like these more interesting and creative than the ones she used to come up with on her own, but, because they come straight out of the Bible, they carry the full weight and power of God's word. But Berndt learned an even greater lesson as well. Saying she wasn't that holy, Berndt learned she did not have to be a Serious Prayer, such as a mighty Prayer Warrior.

An author friend told her, "You can pray in the car pool line, or while you're washing dishes." She said it didn't take a lot of time or preparation to meet God. "Just go to Him, and you're there."

Berndt has written her book to be used as a whole or in parts. Parents can go to a particular section to pray for a particular need. She's also included prayer principles, and "Prayers that You can Use" at each chapter's end.


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