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Polity: Biblical Arguments on How to Conduct Church Life



Polity:  Biblical Arguments on How to Conduct Church Life
            A Collection of Historic Baptist Documents

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 I.  Introductory Essays

Mark Dever  Click Here
"The Noble Task:  The Pastor as Preacher and Practitioner of the Marks of the Church"
Greg Wills  Click Here
"The Church:  Baptists and Their Churches in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries"

R. Albert Mohler, Jr.  Click Here 
"Discipline:  The Missing Mark"

II.  Historical Reprints

Benjamin Keach  Click Here 
"The Glory of a True Church and its Discipline Displayed" (1697)

Benjamin Griffith  Click Here 
"A Short Treatise Concerning  a True and Orderly Gospel Church (1743)

Charleston Association  Click Here 
"Summary of Church Discipline" (1774)

Samuel Jones   Click Here
"A Treatise of Church Discipline and a Directory" (1798)

W. B. Johnson Click Here   
"The Gospel Developed" (1846)

Joseph S. Baker Click Here   
"Church Discipline" (1847)

J. L. Reynolds  Click Here 
"Church Polity or The Kingdom of Christ" (1849)

P. H. Mell  Click Here
"Corrective Church Discipline" (1860)

Eleazer Savage  Click Here
"Manual of Church Discipline" (1863)

William Williams  Click Here
"Apostolical Church Polity" (1874)

 III.  Indices

 Person Index Click Here

 Subject Index  Click Here

 Scripture Index  Click Here

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