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Just Give Me Jesus Without the Junk

By Melinda Lancaster
Devotional site filled with inspiration and hope!

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Just Give Me Jesus Without The Junk~Devotionals Writings:
Devotional writings free of religious jargon. These simplified Biblical truths take out the spiritual junk to make more room for Jesus.
Now open for our Hispanic friends:
Sólo Dame a Jesús sin más Palabrerías---Devocionales
Mensajes devocionales sin jerga religiosa.  Estas simples verdades bíblicas hacen a un lado la palabrería espiritul para hacer más lugar a Jesús.

Are you tired of deep theological debates that leave you spiritually drained and confused? Does it seem that everyone has the same Holy Bible but different rules to live by? Do you sometimes read the Bible and have trouble getting something significant from the Scripture that applies to you? 

If so, you are invited to visit "Just Give Me Jesus Without The Junk"  a collection of short writings free of divisiveness, sectarianism, and religious jargon. The opinions of man are not present nor are these pages full of "Jesus Junk." In a simple writing style the author often shares from real life experience uncluttered truths about Jesus. 
By the power of the sweet Holy Spirit it is my prayer that your visit will cause you to fall in love with Jesus again and again. Feel free to visit often and please use the "share with a friend" button near the bottom of each devotion. Also, please join our update list which will be used exclusively to send you a short introduction each time a new devotion is posted. You can join the list at the bottom of the pages as well. If you are unable to sign up at the site please email me at the address below.
Just Give Me Jesus Without The Junk

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