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By Darlene Osborne
Welcome to another Issue! So glad you dropped by. I pray everything is going great in your life. If not, let us try to help. Send us an email and we'll talk.

If you live in America, I hope you are enjoying this magnificent time of year! I live in the mountains and the colors have been so beautiful! However, they are fading fast.

Its that time of year to be thankful, why not send your favorite writer a note of encouragement and let them know you are thankful for them. More

Charles Capps is a best-selling author who travels throughout the United States, sharing the truths of God's Word. He has authored several books, including the best-selling The Tongue, a Creative Force, and the mini-book God's Creative Power, which sold over 3 million copies. Charles has a national radio broadcast as well as a weekly television program More

By Brenda B. Covert
This month we’re going to revisit my November 2005 column. Maybe today’s economy has impacted your family in a negative way. Maybe you feel that you’ve nothing to be thankful for. Maybe you feel that someone somewhere owes you something! Let’s try to turn that around. Let’s remind ourselves as well as our children of all that we still have to be grateful for. Let’s recapture that attitude of gratitude that every Christian should sincerely demonstrate each day. More

By Kathryn Scoblick
Under pressure from state and federal authorities who feared misleading consumers, the food industry started backing away from a major labeling campaign. Officials with the program said Smart Choices would suspend most of its operations while they waited for the Food and Drug Administration to devise regulations for package-front nutrition labeling. More

By Jettie Hess
What is waiting in eternity for the Christian believer is something so awesome, so glorious, and so unfathomable!! With the exception of the Book of Revelations, the Bible doesn’t say a great deal about our eternal abode as believers in Christ, but we do know that it is an inheritance that can never be lost or stolen.The Love of Christ Journal More

By Danny Woodall
Least than twenty-four hours after Thanksgiving, people will line up outside of stores to do   their Christmas shopping. Black Friday has become an American tradition, and the reason behind Thanksgiving has been forgotten. Before we start the mad rush to finish our Christmas list, we should go over our Thanksgiving list. More

By Cindy Buchanan
Growing up, we had a family tradition on Thanksgiving Day, of going around the table, having each person state what they are thankful for that year. For some reason, this seemed to make everyone uncomfortable, and turned into a sarcastic joke session! More

By David Taylor
As you all know I debuted with this magazine writing about the
world keeping their eyes on the Middle East and staying friendly with
Israel because of the particular significance of this nation. I mean,
come on, you have to know these people are important. More

By Calvin and Lisa Wulf
We want what we want when we want it.  Microwave ovens are unbearably slow.  Even high speed downloads take too long.  Just waiting in line for a cup of coffee seems like forever.  We all know that the righteous live by speed alone. More

By L. Joy Douglas
Being faithful during times of uncertainty is a greater challenge than most would care to face because it is inevitable that we will all face trials as we journey through this earthly life. Are you uncertain about your path? Read the guidebook He left for you. Look ahead to the promises that will be ours if we are faithful. More

By Leigh Moran
This week has been an up and down one for me, we all have those weeks, days, months, or even years. Really should not be writing about myself, however, there is, perhaps, something God wants me to write for someone, maybe even for myself. More

By Sheila Jackson
David is an awesome example that can be used today. His name means "Beloved One." David was not a man without sin.  Yes an appointed King by the Lord.  He had a lustful desire for women and power.  Yet David was a man after God’s own heart. More

By Candace Simar
Sometimes we forget that the Psalms were written by real people.  Yes, they were divinely inspired by God to pen the words on the page—OK, papyrus back then—but the writers were ordinary people with real struggles and experiences. More

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