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Sheep Ministries is a ministry of our Christian family.  We are Pedro “Pete” Cabanos Dimaya, Jr. and Erna Hilario Dimaya together with our daughters, Tisha Mae and Ayn Marie.  Initially, we hope and aim, through our site, to challenge and help English-speaking Christians all over the world of whatever denomination to develop the joyful discipline of a daily quiet time consisting of Bible-reading, meditation and prayer to the end that they would grow in their faith in Christ and thereby love and serve God more.  Thus, for now, our site offers a 2004 History Reading Plan devised by Pete, inspirational articles authored by him like The Parable of the Third Builder, as well as links to other sites inspired by the same mission.  Enjoy your growing with us!

Your fellow sheep,

Pete C. Dimaya, Jr.
P.O. Box 81037
8000 Davao City, Philippines


              "So likewise, whoever of you does not forsake all that he has
cannot be my disciple."

Luke 14:33


Oh, the bitter pain and sorrow
   that a time could ever be
When I proudly said to Jesus:
   "All of self and none of Thee."

Yes He found me: I beheld Him
   Bleeding on th' accursed tree,
And my wistful heart said faintly,
   "Some of self and some of Thee."

Day by day His tender mercy,
   Healing, helping, full and free,
Brought me lower, while I whispered:
   "Less of self and more of Thee."

Higher than the highest heavens,
   Deeper than the deepest sea,
"Lord, Thy love at last has conquered:
   None of self and all of Thee!"

               Poem by Theodore Monod
              as translated from the French by Helen Willis.


A.W. Pink_~2
By Arthur Walkington Pink
Guest Author
There is a faith which saves and a faith in Christ which doesn't. Make sure yours does!

“How many a Satan-blinded soul will read this essay and then say, ‘It does not apply to me; I know that my faith is a saving one!’ It is in this way that the Devil turns aside the sharp point of God’s Word and secures his captives in their unbelief. He works in them a false sense of security by persuading them that they are safe within the ark and induces them to ignore the threatenings of the Word and appropriate only its promises. ‘Examine yourselves whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves” (2 Cor. 13:5)!’ Oh my reader, heed that word now! More

Henry Morris
By Henry M. Morris
Guest Author
How can God hold man responsible for unbelief if He has predestined it?

“The old conflict between “predestination” and “free will” can probably never be settled completely since it is beyond our finite human minds to comprehend fully the infinite mind of God. Still, it is not contradictory but rather complementary to hold that man determines his own decisions while recognizing that God in an inscrutable way has foreordained them, especially the all-important decision to accept God’s offer of salvation through the LORD Jesus Christ. Indeed, science, psychology and the Bible have a satisfactory explanation to this paradox. More

Our Daily Bread Logo
By Radio Bible Class
"Human life is not sustained by bread alone but by every Word that God speaks." Matthew 4:4

By Dr. John A. Hash
Thru the Bible in One Year Reading Fifteen Minutes a Day

From This Verse
By Robert J. Morgan
365 Inspiring Stories About the Power of God's Word

Oswald Chambers
By Oswald Chambers
One of the Most Popular Daily Devotionals Available, If Not the Most Popular

Charles Spurgeon
By Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Devotions For Your Daily Walk With God

Through the Year with Wiersbe
By Warren W. Wiersbe
Daily Distillations of Vital Biblical Truths

Renewed Day by Day
By Aiden Wilson Tozer
Bite-sized Calls to Holy Living from One Who Has Been There

Today Devotional
By Christian Reformed Church
Daily Devotional Messages From Christian Reformed Church Ministers


"Surely I tell you, until a seed drops to the ground and dies, it stands alone. But if it dies, it becomes a fruitful tree. The man who loves his life will forfeit it whereas he who subordinates his life in this world to living for Jesus Christ will keep it from here to eternity."
-John 12:24 & 25

"The whole Bible proceeds from the mouth of God and is available for teaching the truths taught by Christ, disproving false teachings, reforming misbehavior and building Christ-like character, to the end that the Christian may be fully fit for noble service to God and mankind."
-2 Timothy 3: 16 & 17

"Be accountable among yourselves as God-fearers, confessing your sins to one another so that your prayers for healing may be answered.  The sincere prayer of a true disciple of Christ is so powerful it changes things."
-James 5:16

“Be joyful always because you are in the Lord!  I say it one more time, be joyful in the Lord!”                  - Philippians 4:4


(Paraphrased by Pedro C. Dimaya, Jr., founding Director of Sheep Ministries)

"In every man's heart there is a throne and a cross.  If Christ is on the throne, then self is on the cross.  If self is on the throne, then Jesus is still on the cross."
-Adoniram Judson Gordon (April 13, 1836-February 2, 1895)

"If you believe what you like in the Gospel and reject what you like, it is not the Gospel you believe but yourself."
-Aurelius Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (November 13, 354-August 28, 430 A.D.)

"Real prayer is communion with God so that there will be common thoughts between His mind and ours.  What is needed is for Him to fill our hearts with His thoughts and then His desires will become our desires flowing back to Him."
-Arthur Walkington Pink (1886-July 15, 1952)

“Man’s chief and highest end is to glorify God and fully to enjoy Him forever.” – Westminster Larger Catechism, Westminster Assembly of Divines (1645-1652)


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