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The Benefits of Telephone Counseling

The Benefit of Telephone Counseling

By Dr. Don Dunlap
Pastoral Counselor

Family Counseling Ministries -

 The Benefits of Telephone Counseling

Biblical Tele-counsel Offers:

Immediate help - Biblical Tele-counsel can help you immediately with real results beginning with your first call. If you're currently experiencing emotional pain, compassionate biblical help is only a phone call away.

Convenience - With Biblical Tele-counsel, you can receive immediate and caring support from anywhere - your home, office or even from your car - anywhere you can dial our number. Biblical Tele-counsel is a perfect alternative when you would rather not reveal deeply personal information to someone in your own community.

No Office Visit Required - Biblical Tele-counsel is ideal when you have a busy schedule and simply can't meet the demands of structured counseling. With Tele-counsel, simply pick up your phone rather than take valuable time traveling to make an office visit.

Anonymity - Biblical Tele-counsel offers professional, results oriented counseling anonymously. You never reveal your phone number, employer or address unless you choose to do so. Our strict ethical code ensures that your counseling is truly private and is absolutely confidential, now and always.

Flexible Counseling the Way You Want It - Biblical Tele-counsel lets you arrange any amount of counseling when you want it...once a week, twice a week, once a month, etc. You can call anytime and receive all the counseling you need. You'll have all the flexibility you need to work around your schedule with your job, children, etc. We will create a counseling program that's just right for you.

Affordable - Biblical Tele-counsel is less costly than the vast majority of traditional, and expensive psychotherapeutic services in the U.S. With Biblical Tele-counsel, you always get truly affordable, yet high-quality, caring, one-on-one counseling that yields genuine results.

No Long-Distance Telephone Charges - Biblical Tele-counsel is a toll-free call from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.  We pay for the call so you'll never have a long-distance charge on your phone bill.

Counseling Outlines Are Available Online - Outlines for all sessions are available at our website, You select the one appropriate to what the counselor is covering in the session.

Initial Consultation is Free - Call us and we'll tell you all about Tele-counsel and answer your questions prior to your first counseling session. We'll also explain how the counseling process works so you'll know what to expect.

Money-back Guarantee - Biblical Tele-counsel offers an unconditional money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results of your first paid counseling session. There are no restrictions on this guarantee, but it is limited to the first session only. 

Payment for counseling is based on $75.00 per hour or $40.00 per half hour and is made when the appointment is scheduled. There is a $40.00 minimum for services. Counseling is prepaid with a personal check, or major credit card like Visa or MasterCard. We'll tell you at the end of each session of the charge. You'll also receive a receipt for all services. We are a non-profit organization and donations may be made for others to receive counseling. Often churches and family members are willing to help pay counseling costs.

Immediate help is only a phone call away. Call 888.816.0988 for an appointment.


    The Benefits of Telephone Counseling

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    Does Telephone Counseling Work ?

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