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Does Telephone Counseling Work ?

Does Telephone Counseling Work?

By Dr. Don Dunlap
Pastoral Counselor

Family Counseling Ministries -

·        The advantages of telephone counseling over in-office face-to-face counseling are startling. The primary advantage is that you can counsel with someone that is simply not available in your area. Some communities have no distinctive biblical counselors, and telephone counseling is the only way to get help. But even in large metropolitan areas, it is sometimes hard to find someone trained in a particular method that you trust.

·        The convenience and privacy of the telephone are also tremendous advantages. Getting to and from a counseling office can sometimes take hours, and you never know who you'll meet in the waiting room! Telephone counseling, on the other hand, is something that does not even require a baby-sitter. Most of my clients are able to entertain their children with a video while they are talking to me.

·        Telephone counseling is usually less expensive than office counseling. There's much less overhead even if the counselor provides toll-free calling, like we do. So while you may spend $95 to $125 an hour for an office visit, professional marriage counseling by telephone can be as little as $75 (what we are charging).

·        The idea that a counselor's physical presence is essential to counseling success is simply not true. In fact, we've discovered that we can help people by telephone that we could never have reached in person. They were either too embarrassed to come to an office, or not motivated enough to make the trip. But by telephone they get all the help they need with complete privacy and very little initial effort. And the results are dramatic.

·        Of course, there is work to rebuilding a marriage and personal lives. And couples must exert effort to stop hurting each other, learn to meet each other's emotional needs and fulfill biblical responsibilities. Couples have to stick to the program until it's completed. But the counseling itself requires very little effort when done by telephone.

·        If you need help in your life, marriage or family, try our telephone counseling service. If you've been to other counselors, you will be very pleased with the low cost and convenience. You will also appreciate the warm and friendly way you are treated. We're here to help you rebuild your life and/or marriage.

Payment for counseling is based on $75.00 per hour or $40.00 per half hour and is made when the appointment is scheduled. There is a $40.00 minimum for services. Counseling is prepaid with a personal check, or major credit card like Visa or MasterCard. We'll tell you at the end of each session of the charge. You'll also receive a receipt for all services. We are a non-profit organization and donations may be made for others to receive counseling. Often churches and family members are willing to help pay counseling costs.
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Listed Below Are Examples of How Counseling Works:

"My husband and I sought counseling during a time when we were experiencing a number of trials.  Loss of income, the chronic illness of aging parents, the difficulties associated with moving a household and relocating our family, all provided challenges we were unprepared and unwilling to meet.  With the Christian counselor's guidance, we faced the circumstances of our lives with a renewed confidence in God and His Word.  Many of the problems we faced still remain, but our lives are no longer in turmoil."

"We had to return from the mission field overseas because of my wife's severe depression.  For almost two years we  were unsuccessful in finding help for her.  We tried psychologists, psychiatrists, we even tried medication. Nothing was lasting. Upon receiving help from the Christian counselor associated with our doctor's office, she overcame her depression, and we were able to return to the field. This kind of counseling is so very different than anything else we tried. It worked!"
S.D. in the Far East

"I was sure my marriage was a lost cause.  Because of the stress associated with my problems I had panic attacks, headaches, and general fatigue.  Counseling brought me to terms with God, my husband, and myself. After counseling, my life has taken on new meaning and my kids will not have to go through the turmoil of a broken home."


    The Benefits of Telephone Counseling

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    Does Telephone Counseling Work ?

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