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Child Character Training

By Dr. Don Dunlap
Pastoral Counselor
As parents we must not neglect to build godly character into our children’s lives. Read how!

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Children must possess godly character in order to impact their world for the sake of Christ. When we emphasize acquiring knowledge and pursuing physical fitness, to the neglect of having proven character, we seriously undermine our children’s spiritual potential. In the 14th article of a 15-part series on family devotions, Dr. Dunlap provides parents with a character worksheet. He suggests using it during family worship to teach children specific character qualities found in God’s Word.

The Bible identifies many character qualities.  Parents must be diligent to consistently build
character into their children’s lives.  One way to accomplish this task is to utilize the following worksheet during family worship time.  Choose one of the character qualities listed in the six articles that follow and answer the seven questions below.


Character Quality Worksheet


Character Quality __________________ Date _____________


1.  Know the definition:


Write the dictionary definition:






Write a biblical definition:






2. List synonyms (words that mean nearly the same) and antonyms (opposites) of the character quality:







3.  Name some similar character qualities:  (Refer to list)






4.  Find examples of this character quality in Scripture:






5. Who are some men and women in the Bible that did not demonstrate this character quality?







6.  How did Jesus demonstrate this character quality in the Bible?







7. How can you demonstrate this character quality in your life?








We continue in the next article with a list of the first several character qualities.


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