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Water For LIFE

Mission: Water for LIFE is a massive effort on the part of Life Outreach to drill 180 new water wells this year in drought- and disease-stricken areas of southern Africa.

Your gift of $24 will help provide fresh water for 5 people.
Your gift of $48 will help provide uncontaminated water for 10 people.
Your gift of $72 dollars will help provide clean water for 15 people for a lifetime!

With your gift of any amount, we would like to send you a limited-edition, numbered print of the original painting “Sharing of the Well”.  This third and final piece in our “Women at the Well” series captures the inspirational scene of a child sharing life-giving water with a thirsty soul – a symbol of God sharing His love with the world.

Sharing at the Well-SMWith your gift of $144 or more, to help provide water for over 30 people, you may request “Sharing of the Well” in a signed, numbered custom-canvas transfer as our gift to you.

As a special challenge, please prayerfully consider a gift of $1,200 or more to help provide water for 250 people, and you may request the brand new “Sharing of the Well” bronze collectible…the final sculpture in our “Women at the Well” series.
And finally, with a gift of $4,800, you can help sponsor a complete well to provide a lifetime of clean water for an entire village!

Please join Mission: Water For Life right now.



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