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Reading List

Reading List: Pastors

Our favorites are listed below by topic, with topics listed alphabetically:



Handbook of Church Discipline, Jay Adams
The Compromised Church, ed., John Armstrong
Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, Mark Dever
Polity: Biblical Arguments on How to Conduct Church Life, ed., Mark Dever
The Reformation of the Church, ed., Iain Murray
Democratic Religion, Greg Wills

Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther, Roland Bainton
The Early Church, Henry Chadwick
The Dumb Ox (A Biography of Aquinas), G.K. Chesterton
George Whitfield (2 vols.), Arnold Dallimore
Handbook to the History of Christianity, ed. Tim Dowley
Theology of the Reformers, Timothy George
The Democratization of American Christianity, Nathan Hatch
The Waning of the Middle Ages, Johan Huizinga
A History of Christianity in the U.S & Canada, Mark Noll
Quest for Godliness, J.I. Packer
The Church Under Siege, M.A. Smith

The Gospel Blimp, Joe Bayly
The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, Mark Dever
Tell The Truth, Will Metzger
Revival and Revivalism, Iain Murray
Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, J.I.Packer
Speaking of Jesus, J.Mack Stiles
Christianity Explained, Michael Bennett
Christianity Explored, Rico Tice, Barry Cooper, and Sam Shammas 

The Reformed Pastor, Richard Baxter
The Christian Ministry, Charles Bridges
Elders, John MacArthur
Biblical Eldership, John Piper
Brothers, We are NOT Professionals, John Piper
Biblical Eldership, Alexander Strauch

Operation World, Patrick Johnstone
Let the Nations Be Glad, John Piper
Christian Mission in the Modern World, John Stott

Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament, Gregory Beale and D.A. Carson, eds.
Paul, Apostle of the Heart Set Free, F.F. Bruce
Introduction to the New Testament, D.A. Carson and Douglas Moo
Crucifixion, Martin Hengel
Origin of Paul’s Gospel, Seyoon Kim
The Presence of the Future, George Eldon Ladd
A Theology of the New Testament, George Eldon Ladd
A Theology of the New Testament, Thomas Schreiner
Introduction to the New Testament, John Stott

The Authority of the Old Testament, John Bright
History of Israel, John Bright
Introduction to the Old Testament, Dillard and Longman
The Faith of Israel, William Dumbrell
The Goldsworthy Trilogy, Graeme Goldsworthy (see esp. Gospel and Kingdom in this volume)
God's Unfaithful Wife, Ray Ortlund, Jr.

Christ-Centered Preaching, Bryan Chappell
Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture, Graeme Goldsworthy
The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text, Sidney Greidanus
Preaching Christ from the Old Testament, Sidney Greidanus
Preaching and Preachers, D. Martyn Lloyd Jones
Supremacy of God in Preaching, John Piper
Lectures To My Students, C.H. Spurgeon
Between Two Worlds, John Stott


New Bible Dictionary, IVP
New Bible Commentary, IVP
Handbook to the Bible, Eerdmans
Exegetical Fallacies, D.A. Carson 
How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth, Fee & Stuart
The Hermeneutical Spiral, Grant Osborne

Reformed Dogmatics (4 vols.), Herman Bavinck
Systematic Theology, Louis Berkhof
Manual of Theology, J.L. Dagg
Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem
Systematic Theology (3 vols.), Charles Hodge

Cur Deus Homo, Anselm
Reformed Pastor, Richard Baxter
Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan
Institutes of the Christian Religion, John Calvin
The Gagging of God, D.A. Carson
The Religious Affections, Jonathan Edwards
Pierced for Our Transgressions, Steve Jeffery, Michael Ovey, and Andrew Sach
Spiritual Depression, D. Martin Lloyd-Jones
Bondage of the Will, Martin Luther
Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, J.I. Packer
Fundamentalism and the Word of God, J.I. Packer
Introduction to John Owen’s Death of Death in the Death of Christ, J.I. Packer
Knowing God, J.I. Packer
In My Place Condemned He Stood, J.I. Packer and Mark Dever 
Future Grace, John Piper
The Pleasures of God, John Piper
Holiness, J.C. Ryle
Exercise for Young Theologians, Helmut Thielicke
Inspiration and Authority of Scripture, B.B. Warfield
No Place for Truth, David Wells
God in the Wasteland, David Wells
Losing Our Virtue, David Wells
Above All Earthly Powr's, David Wells