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Our Vision
“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death” Philippians 3:10

It is our VISION and call, and commitment to point the church back onto the path of making disciples. It is our passion and directive to lead Christians away from our false perceptions and into His way.

We desire to see a church committed to His purpose and poured out to His ways. Then we will see revival through real prayer and devotion to His Lordship.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105 KJV

Into Thy Word Ministries teaches people how to study the Bible in a simple, clear, and concise way, discipling pastors and missionaries, providing seminars, speaking,church consulting, discipleship tools and resources for Christian growth.

Bible Reading Plan in Chronological Order

By Richard Krejcir

Into Thy Word -


 Reading the Bible in Chronological Order

This Bible reading plan will take you through the entire Bible in an historical linier timeline order with the first events first to the last. Each line represents a days reading, you may progress as you do your devotions in any order you would like. This list will take one year if each line is read each day. If you read more on one day and less on another, you can still track your progress.


The Old Testament in Historical order:
God Creates the Universe: Gen 1:1-2:4a
God Creates Adam and Eve: Gen 2:4b-25
Forbidden Fruit: Gen 3:1-24
The Murder: Gen 4:1-15 
The First Families: Gen. 4:16- 5:32
The Daughters of Men: Gen 6:1-8
Building the Ark: Gen 6:9-8:22
Noah Commences the Human race again: Gen 9:1-28
The progeny of Noah: Gen 10:1-32
Mans pride forms separatism and the nations while loosing a unifying language: Gen 11:1-9
The Patriarchs (Job 1:1-42:17; Genesis 12:1-50:26)
The Suffering of Job: Job 1:1-2:13
Job's Opening Speech: Job 3:1-26
Job's Friends: Job 4:1-27:23
Wisdom: Job 28:1-28
Final Summary: Job 29:1-37:24
Job's Closing Speech: Job 38:1-42:6
Job's Suffering Reversed: Job 42:7-17
Abraham: (the Promise of a Son): Genesis 11:27-20:18
The Sojourn to Canaan (Promise of Descendents and Land): Gen 11:27-32
The first Great Commission and Promised Blessings: Gen 12:1-20
Abraham and Lot: Gen 13:1-14:24
The Promise of God to Abraham: Gen 15:1-21
Hagar and Ishmael: Gen 16:1-16
God's Covenant with Abraham and Circumcision instituted Gen 17:1-27
The Promise of God for a Son: Gen 18:1-15
Abraham, Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah: Gen 18:16-19:38
Abraham and Abimelech: Gen 20:1-18
Isaac (strife between Brothers): Genesis 21:1-27:40
The Birth of Isaac: Gen 21:1-7
Hagar and Ishmael: Gen 21:8-21
Abraham Offers Isaac to God: Gen 22:1-19
Sarah's Death: Gen 23:1-20
Isaac and Rebekah: Gen 24:1-67
Abraham Dies: Gen 25:1-10
Jacob and Esau's Birth: Gen 25:19-34
Conflict over Abraham's Water rights: Gen 26:1-33
God Chooses Jacob over Esau: Gen 27:1-40
Jacob: (Exile and God's Blessing and Protection): Genesis 27:41-37:1
Jacob Flees to Laban: Gen 27:41-28:9
Jacob's Dream at Bethel: Gen 28:10-22
Jacob's Marriage: Gen 29:1-30:24
Jacob's First Scheme: Gen 30:25-43
Jacob and Laban: Gen 31:1-55
Jacob Prepares to Meet Esau, wrestles with God, meets Esau: Gen 32:1-33:20
Dinah and the Shechemites: Gen 34:1-31
Returning to Bethel: Gen 35:1-15
The Death of Rachel and Isaac: Gen 35:16-29
Joseph (Loss and Restoration/Relationship with Brothers): Genesis 37:2-50:26
Joseph’s Coat and Dreams leads to his enslavement): Gen 37:2-36
Judah and Tamar: Gen 38:1-30
The Wife of Potiphar: Gen 39:1-23
Joseph Interprets Dreams: Gen 40:1-41:57
The Brother's Journey to Egypt: Gen 42:1-47:12
Joseph Rise in Egypt: Gen 47:13-31
Manasseh, Ephraim: Gen 48:1-22
Jacob Blesses his Sons and Dies: Gen 49:1-50:14
Joseph Reassures his brothers and dies: Gen 50:15-26
Exodus (Exodus 1:1-19:2)
Exodus from Egypt: 1:1-13:16
The Oppression of Israel and the Birth of the Rescuer and Lawgiver Moses: Ex 1:1-2:10
Moses Flees Israel: Ex 2:11-25
Moses Encounters God: Ex 3:1-4:17
Moses Returns to Egypt: Ex 4:18-31
Moses and Pharaoh: Ex 5:1-7:13
Plagues in Egypt: Ex 7:14-11:10
The Passover and Redemption: Ex 12:1-13:16
Journey into the Wilderness: 13:17-19:2
Departure from Egypt: Ex 13:17-15:27
Water, Manna, and Quail: Ex 15:22-17:7
Amalekites and Arrival: 18:1-19:2
Covenant (Exodus 19:3-Deuteronomy 34:12)
God’s Treaty (Exodus 19:3-Numbers 10:10
This section of the Pentateuch describes some of God’s Law and requirements that Israel needed to survive before entering the promise land: Mt: Sinai (Exodus 19:3) and their departure (Numbers 10:10): Most scholars believe the time period is around one year:
Theophany on Sinai: 19:3-20:21 (10 commandments 20:1-17)
God is: 20:22-24:11 (judicial laws: 21:1-23:33)
Directions for building the Tabernacle: 24:12-18-34:28 (laws given: 25:2-31:17
Tabernacle building: 34:29-40:28 (laws followed 35:1-40:33)
Regulations about Worship and Sacrifices: Leviticus 1-10
Regulations about Purity: 11-18
Sacrificial laws and dedication: Lev: 1-10 (laws of sacrifice (1:2-9:24; purity laws 11-18)
Deployment orders and Holiness laws: Lev: 19:1-Num: 10:10 Lev 19:4-Num 9:14; Num: 9:15-10:10
Journey to the Promised Land (Numbers 10:11-Deuteronomy 34)
Wilderness Journey: 10:11-21:20
Leaving Sinai and Complaining: Num 10:11-11-35
God's view of racism and Punishment of Miriam and Aaron: Num 12:1-16
Kadesh Rebellion: Num 13:1-14:45
(Regulations: Num 15:1-36)
Korah's Revolt: Num 15:37-16:50
Aaron: Num 17:1-18:32
Kadesh Rebellion: Num 20:1-21
Aaron's Death, Complaining, Arrival at Moab: 20:22-21:20
Victory in Moab: Numbers 21:21-Deuteronomy 3:29
From Sihon to Sihon: Num 21:21-Deut 2:3:29
An Exhortation to Trust and Obey God: Deut 4-11
Various conditions to keep in the new land: Deut 12-26
Moses' Final Words: Deut 27-34
Moses gives final Instructions: 29:1-20
Joshua and the twelve tribes: 31:1-33:29
The Death of Moses: 34:1-12
The Conquest of the Promised Land (Joshua 1-24)
The Conquest of Canaan: Joshua 1-12
Joshua Israel's new Leader: Joshua 1:1-18
Rahab hides spies: Joshua 2:1-24
Crossing into the Promised Land: Joshua 3:1-5:12
The Walls of Jericho: Joshua 5:13-6:27
Achan's Sin: Joshua 7:1-8:29
Covenant and Dishonesty: Joshua 8:30-9:27
War: Joshua 10:1-11-23 (List of conquered kings: 12:1-24)
God's challenge to Joshua: 13:1-7
Allocation of Land: 13:8-22:34 (Me and my house: 23:1-24:33)
The Judges (Judges 1-24; Ruth 1-4) Israel forgets God and reaps the consequences: Judges 1:1-3:6
The Judges: Judges 3:7-16:31
Othniel and Ehud: Judges 3:7-30
Deborah and Barak: Judges 4:1-5:31
Gideon: Judges 6:1-8:32
Abimelech: Judges 8:33-9:57
Jephthah: Judges 10:6-12:7
Samson: Judges 13:1-16:31
Various Concluding Stories: Judges 17-21
The grandson of Moses runs an idolatrous cult in Dan Judges: 17-19
The rape of a concubine and a war of retribution: Judges 19-21
Ruth (Ruth 1-4)
Family Tragedy, Ruth's conversion and arrival in Bethlehem: Ruth 1:1-22
Ruth and Boaz meet and Court: Ruth 2:1-23
Ruth's proposal to Boaz: Ruth 3:1-18
Kinsman-Redeemer: Ruth 4:1-22
United Kingdom (1 Samuel 1:1-1 Kings 11:43)
Samuel (1 Samuel 1-7)
The Birth of Samuel (Hannah's Prayer): 1 Sam 1:1-2:11
The Wicked Sons of Eli: 1 Sam 2:12-2:36
The Call of Samuel by God: 1 Sam 3:1-4:1a
The Ark is Lost: 1 Sam 4:1-7:1
Samuel Rules: 1 Sam 7:2-17
The Kings (1 Samuel -2 Kings)
Saul (1 Samuel 8-15)
Saul Becomes King: 1 Sam 8:1-11:15
Samuel says Goodbye: 1 Sam 12:1-25
The Philistines: 1 Sam 13:1-14:52
God Rejects Saul: 1 Sam 15:1-35
David (1 Samuel 16-1: 1 Kings 2:12)
David anointed and serves Saul: 1 Sam 16:1-23
David and Goliath: 1 Sam 17:1-58
David on the Run (Success and Jealousy): 1 Sam 18:1-27:12
(Psalm 11: Possibly set against 1 Sam 18:8-19:7)
(Psalm 7: Possibly set against 1 Sam 18:10-24)
(Psalm 59: David's prays for God's strength as Solomon chases him 1 Sam 19:10-11)
(Psalm 57: David fled from Saul into the cave 1 Sam 21)
(Psalm 142: 1 Sam 21)
(Psalm 34: Set against 1 Samuel 21)
(Psalm 56: Set against 1 Samuel 22)
(Psalm 17: Possibly set against 1 Sam 23-25)
Saul and the spirit of Samuel (the witch of Endor): 1 Kings 28:1-25
Saul and his sons die: 1 Sam 29:1-31:13
David, Saul's Killer, Laments: 2 Sam 1:1-27
David the King of Judah: 2 Sam 2:1-4:12
David the King of Israel (philistines and dancing before God: 2 Sam 5:1-6:23
(Psalm 24: Set against 2 Samuel 6 (the restoration of the ark))
(Psalm 68: Set against 2 Samuel 6:12-16)
God's Covenant with David and his Response: 2 Sam 7:1-29
(Psalm 2: Rooted in 2 Samuel 7, the promise to David)
David the Warrior: 2 Sam 8:1-10:19
David and Bathsheba: 2 Sam 11:1-27
Nathan's Rebuke of David's Sin: 2 Sam 12:1-31
(Psalm 51: David's Repentance of the Bathsheba Affair)
The Consequences of David's Sin: 2 Sam 13:1-20:26
(Psalm 3: Set against 2 Sam 15:13-17:24)
(Psalm 4: Set against David's fleeing from Absalom)
(Psalm 5: Set against David's fleeing from Absalom)
(Psalm 6: Set against David's fleeing from Absalom)
(Psalm 63: Set against David's fleeing from Absalom)
David's Rule Ends: 2 Sam 2 Sam 21:1-1 Kings 2:12
Solomon (1 Kings 2:13-11:43)
Solomon Becomes King: 1 Kings 2:13-46
Solomon's Wisdom: 1 Kings 3:1-28
(Government Overview: 1 Kings 4:1-28)
The Temple for God: 1 Kings 5:1-9:9
Government Overview: 1 Kings 9:15-28)
The Queen of Sheba and Great Wealth: 1 Kings 10:1-29
Solomon Breaks His promise to God (marriage to foreign women): 1 Kings 11:1-43
(Proverbs: A collection of practical Wisdom by Solomon and others)
(The Song of Songs: A poetic portrayal of Romantic Love between a young man and a young woman)
(Ecclesiastes: The meaning of Life)
Divided Kingdom (Notice the way Israel is blessed with a God fearing king and cursed when they rebel!): (1 Kings 12:1-2 Kings 25:30)
Northern Kingdom (1st seven kings): 1 Kings12:1-16:34
Rehoboam, Jeroboam, and the Splitting of the Kingdom: 1 Kings 12:1-24
Jeroboam (N): 1 Kings 12:25-14-20
Three Judean Kings (Jeroboam, Abijah, Asa (S)): 14:21-15:24
Nadab, Baasha, Elah, Zimri, Omri, Ahab (N): 1 Kings 15:2516:34
Elijah Stories: 1 Kings 17:1-2 Kings 2:12a
Elijah and Ahab: 17:1-18:46
God encourages Elijah: 19:1-21
(Israel and Aram at war: 22:1-40)
Naboth's vineyard: 21:1-29
Jehoshaphat: 22:41-50
(Psalm 83: Set against the reign of Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20))
Elijah and Ahaziah: 1 Kings 22:51-2 Kings 1:18
Elijah goes to heaven: 2 Kings 2:1-12a
Elisha Stories: 2 Kings 2:12b-8:6
The Company of Prophets: 2 Kings 12b-18
Water, Mocking, Water: Poison, Loaves: 2 Kings 2:19-4:44
Naaman Healed: 2 Kings 5:1-27
Axhead, Blinding, Provision, Healing: 2 Kings 6:1-8:6
More Kings: 2 Kings 8:7-13:35
Elisha and Hazael: 2 Kings 8:7-15
Jehoram and Ahaziah (S): 2 Kings 8:16-29
Jehu and the Death of Jezebel and Ahab (N): 2 Kings 9:1-10:35
Joash (S): 2 Kings 11:1-12:21
(Joel (Southern Prophet) A prophesy against Judah: Joel 1:1-3:21)
Jehoahez and Jehoash (N): 2 Kings 13:1-35
(Jonah (Northern Prophet) Prophecy to Ninevah)
God's Call, Jonah's Response: 1:1-17
From the Fish: Jonah 2:1-10
God Calls Again: 3:1-10
Jonah's Resentment: 4:1-11
Northern Kingdom (final years): 2 Kings 14:1-17:41
Amaziah (S): 2 Kings 14:1-22
(Joel (Southern Prophet) A prophesy against Judah: Joel 1:1-3:21)
Jeroboam II (N) 14:23-29
(Amos (Northern Prophet) A prophesy against Israel: Amos 1:1-9:15)
Uzziah (Judah): 15:1-7
(Isaiah and Micah (Southern Prophets) Prophecies against Judah)
Zechariah, Shallum, Menahem, Pekahiah Pekah: (N): 2 Kings 15:8-31
(Hosea (Northern Prophet) A prophesy against Israel (N): Hosea 1:1-14:9)
Jotham and Ahaz (S): 2 Kings 15:32-16:20
(Isaiah and Micah (Southern Prophets) Prophecies against Judah)
Hoshea (fall of northern kingdom): 17:1-41
(Hosea (Northern Prophet) A prophesy against Israel (N): Hosea 1:1-14:9)
Southern Kingdom (the final years): 2 Kings 18:1-25:30 ((S) = Southern Judah and (N) = Northern Israel)
Hezekiah (S): 18:1-20:21
(Psalm 75: Set against 2 Kings 18-19)
(Psalm 76: Set against 2 Kings 18-19)
(Isaiah and Micah (Southern Prophets) Prophecies against Judah)
Manasseh: 21:1-18
Amon (S): 21:19-26
(Nahum and Zephaniah (Southern Prophets) Prophecies against Judah)
Josiah, Jehoahaz, Johoiakim, Jehoiachin (S): 22:1-24:18
(Jeremiah (Southern Prophets) Prophecies against Judah)
Zedekiah (S): 24:18-25:30
(Psalm 74: Set against the events of 2 Kings 24-25)
(Jeremiah and Ezekiel (Southern Prophets) Prophecies against Judah)
(Habakkuk (Southern Prophet) The just live because of the Faithfulness of God)
The 70-year Captivity
(Jeremiah and Ezekiel (Southern Prophets) Prophecies in Exile)
(Lamentations: A eulogy of mourning of the fall of Jerusalem in 586
Daniel (1-6)
Daniel and his three friends: 1
Nebuchadnezzar's dream: 2
Fiery furnace: 3
Nebuchadnezzar's insanity: 4
Handwriting on the wall: 5
The lions' den: 6
(Obadiah (Exile Prophet) Edom's mistreatment of Judeans during the Babylonia destruction of Jerusalem)
Restoration (Ezra; Nehemiah; Esther)
Zerubbabel Return and Temple Building Begins: Ezra 1:1-4-24
Prophets Encouragement: 5:1-12
(Haggai and Zechariah (Restoration Prophets) Prophecies about building the Temple)
Temple Completed: Ezra 3-6:22
Ezra Returns: Ezra 7:1-8:22
(List of people: 7:27-8:21)
Ezra's deals with intermarriage: Ezra 9-10
Nehemiah's Return: Nehemiah 1-2
Rebuilding Walls, Opposition, Plot: 3:1-4:23
Helping Poor, Plot, Opposition, Walls Completed: 5:1-7:3
(List of returnees; 7:4-73)
Ezra assembles people, Reforms: Nehemiah 8:1-10:39
(List of names: 11:1-36)
Nehemiah assembles People, Reforms: Nehemiah 12:27-13:31
(Malachi (Restoration Prophet) Prophecies about stealing from God)
(1 and 2 Chronicles: A retelling of the account of 1 & 2 Kings)
The King and the Queen: Esther 1:1-2:23
Haman's and Mordecai: Esther 3:1-4:17
Esther's Banquets: 5:1-7:10
Haman's Plot Foiled, Jews Saved: Esther 8:1-9:10
Esther, Susa, Feast of Purim: 9:11-10:3




The Chronological New Testament (Luke is a Book that gives an historical account in a logical linier timeline while the other Gospels focus on events: This plan is arranged in order of when they were written:)


Galatians: Christian Freedom

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-5
    Faithfulness to One Gospel: An Autobiography 1:6-2:21
    Faithfulness to One Gospel: A Rebuke 3:1-4:31
    Faithfulness to One Gospel: A Request 5:1-6:10
Closing Thoughts: 6:11-18

James: Faith at Work

Opening Thought: 1:1
    True Religion 1:2-18
    True Worship 1:19-27
    True Faith 2:1-26
    True Wisdom 3:1-5:20

1 Thessalonians: He's is Coming

Opening Thought: 1:1
    In Suffering Become Imitators 1:2-10
    Imitation of Paul's Ministry 2:1-4:12
    Instruction about the Second Coming 4:13-5:24
Closing Thoughts 5:25-28

2 Thessalonians: The Day of the Lord

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-2
    Encouragement during Suffering 1:3-12
    Enlightenment about Christ's Return 2:1-17
    Exhortation to Steadfastness 3:1-15
Closing Thoughts: 3:16-18

1 Corinthians: Solving Church Problems

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-3
    Admonition Concerning Divisions 1:4-4:20
    Activities Denounced 5:1-6:20
    Answers to Corinthian Questions 7:1-16:9
Closing Thoughts: 16:10-24

2 Corinthians: Reconciliation

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-2
    Devoted Majority 1:3-7:16
    Deliverance for Jerusalem Saints 8:1-9:15
    Disobedient Minority 10:1-13:10
Closing Thoughts 13:11-14

Romans: God's Righteousness

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-17
    Slave to Sin 1:18-3:20
    Slave to God 3:21-8:39
    Salvation of Israel 9:1-11:36
    Service to God 12:1-16:24
Closing Thoughts: 16:25-27

Mark: The God who serves (Some Scholars say Mathew was written before Mark)

    Preparation of Jesus 1:1-13
    Presentation of Jesus 1:14-8:30
    Passion of Jesus 8:31-16:8

Philemon: An Appeal for Forgiveness

Opening Thoughts 1-3
    Approval of Philemon 4-7
    Appeal to Philemon 8-14
    Assurance for Philemon 15-22
Closing Thoughts: 23-25

Colossians: How to Deal With Cults

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-14
    True Christian Doctrine 1:15-2:23
    True Christian Deportment 3:1-4:6
Closing Thoughts: 4:7-18

Ephesians: The Church

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-3
    Purpose and Plan of God 1:4-23
    Purpose Demonstrated in the Church 2:1-22
    Purpose Demonstrated in Paul 3:1-21
    Purpose Lived Out in Community 4:1-6:20
Closing Thoughts: 6:21:24

Luke: The God who Cares

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-4
    Life of Jesus - Early accounts 1:5-4:13
    Upper Galilean Ministry 4:14-9:50
    Keen Determination of Jesus 9:51-19:27
    Execution of Jesus 19:28-24:53

Acts: A History of the Early Church

    Spirit Arrives in Jerusalem 1:1-6:7
    Proclamation in Judea-Samaria 6:8-9:31
    Inclusion of Gentiles 9:32-12:25
    Received Gospel in Asia 13:1-16:5
    Involvement of Gospel in Asia 16:6-19:20
    Trials - Appeal - Rome 19:21-28:31

Philippians: Joy will Come

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-2
    Paul's Interest in the Philippian Church 1:3-26
        An Exhortation: The Pattern Of Christ to Follow 1:27-2:18
            Example of Timothy 2:19-24
            Example of Epaphroditus 2:25-30
        An Exhortation: The Pattern of Paul to Follow 3:1-4:9
    Philippian Church's Interest in Paul 4:10-20
Closing Thoughts: 4:21-23

1 Timothy: A Pastoring Template

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-2
    Teach Sound Doctrine 1:3-20
    Edict for Public Worship 2:1-15
    Administration - Elders - Deacons 3:1-16
    Combat False Teachers 4:1-16
    Hints on Widows, Elders, and Slaves 5:1-6:3
Closing Thoughts: 6:3-21

Titus: Pastoring a First Generation Church

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-4
    Appointment of Elders 1:5-9
    Egainst False Teachers 1:10-16
    Edvice on Practical Living 2:1-3:11
Closing Thoughts: 3:12-15

2 Timothy: Living the Good Fight and Passing the Torch!

Opening Thoughts 1:1-2
    Petition for Courage 1:3-2:13
    Pastoral Responsibilities 2:14-4:5
    Paul's Final Words 4:6-18
Closing Thoughts: 4:19-22

1 Peter: When Hard Times Comes

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-2
    Praise to God 1:3-12
    Exhortation to Holy Living 1:13-21
    Toward Mutual Love 1:22-25
    Elevation to God's People 2:1-25
    Responsibilities of Believers 3:1-5:11
Closing Thoughts: 5:12-14

2 Peter: When is He Coming?

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-2
    True Knowledge 1:3-21
    Warning Against False Teachers 2:1-22
    Obsolete Doctrine No! 3:1-18

Matthew: The King has Come

Birth And Infancy : 1-2
Part One
    Narrative: Teaching, Healing and Preaching: 3:1-4:25
    Instruction: Sermon On The Mount: 5-7
Part Two
    Narrative: The Works Of The Kingdom: 8:1-9:38
    Instruction: The Disciples Sent Out: 10:1-11:1
Part Three
    Narrative: What The Kingdom Is Not: 11:2-12:50
    Instruction: The Parables Of The Kingdom: 13:1-53
Part Four
    Narrative: Suffering, Miracles, Conflict: 13:54-17:27
    Instruction: Humility, Forgiveness: 18:1-35
Part Five
    Narrative: The Old Age and The Age To Come: 19:1-23:39
    Instruction: The Future Kingdom: 24-25
Death, Resurrection, Instructions : 26-28

Hebrews: A First Century Sermon

Christ is:
    Superior to the Prophets 1:1-3
    Superior to the Angels 1:4-2:18
    Superior to Moses-Joshua 3:1-4:13
    Superior to the Priesthood 4:14-7:28
    Superior Covenant 8:1-10:18
Faith is:
    Superior Way 10:19-12:29
Closing Thoughts: 13:1-25

Jude: Are You Combat Ready?

Opening Thoughs: 1-2
    Contend for the Faith: Why? 3-16
    Contend for the Faith: How? 17-23
    Closing Thoughts: 24-25

2 John: The Undesirable Guest

Opening Thoughts: 1-3
    Love One Another 4-6
    Look Out For Error 7-11
Closing Thoughts: 12-13

1 John: Belief Problems

Complete Joy 1:1-4
    Conduct 1:5-2:6
        Christian Love 2:7-17
            Christ in Believer 2:18-28
    Conduct 2:29-3:10
        Christian Love 3:11-24
            Christ in Believer 4:1-6
        Christian Love 4:7-5:12
    Conduct 5:13-21

3 John: Church Discipline

Opening Thought: 1
    Service of Gaius 2-8
    Strife of Diotrephes 9-12
Closing Thoughts: 13-14

John: The Life of Love

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-18
    Public Ministry of Jesus 1:19-12:50
    Private Ministry of Jesus 13:1-17:26
    Passover, Crucifixion, Resurrection 18:1-20:31
Closing Thoughts: 21:1-25

Revelation: A Book of Hope and Comfort

Opening Thoughts: 1:1-8
    Vision One 1:9-3:22
    Vision Two 4:1-16:21
        Interlude One 7:1-17
        Interlude Two 10:1-11:13
        Interlude Three 12:1-14:20
    Vision Three 17:1-21:8
    Vision Four 21:9-22:5
Closing Thoughts: 22:6-21

Inspired by a Bible Reading Plan from 1945

© 1986, 2003 (Inspired by a Bible plan from 1945) R. J. Krejcir Into Thy Word Ministries www.intothyword.com

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