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Our Vision
“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death” Philippians 3:10

It is our VISION and call, and commitment to point the church back onto the path of making disciples. It is our passion and directive to lead Christians away from our false perceptions and into His way.

We desire to see a church committed to His purpose and poured out to His ways. Then we will see revival through real prayer and devotion to His Lordship.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105 KJV

Into Thy Word Ministries teaches people how to study the Bible in a simple, clear, and concise way, discipling pastors and missionaries, providing seminars, speaking,church consulting, discipleship tools and resources for Christian growth.

Making Wise Choices!

By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir
6+ Youth Lessons on learning to follow God's Will

Into Thy Word -

Making Wise Choices!


How can I make better decisions and beware of deceptions and misleading choices?


Six+ Youth Lessons on Learning to Follow God’s Will


(These lessons can be broken up into more sessions. If you are just doing one, then pick one section, or highlight what you think is important for your youth to know. Make sure you give out the handout at the end of this document for each session)



Talk I. Learning to Discern (This talk can be divided into two sessions)


Open: Are you making a decision or do you have a choice to make? Then: We need to place our focus based on the source; the Source is God!


If you are not experienced in letting God lead you, and you are easily turned off the path from what seems to be common sense and good opportunities, knowing the Source is priority number one: Knowing God and allowing Him into your life and to work in your life! And then, beware of misleading choices, satanic influence, and the media. We need to learn about this stuff so we can make healthy, good decisions and lead a life that is both fun and fulfilling. If we make the wrong or bad decisions, we will have a life that is stressful and chaotic¾and who wants that!


First off, God's will is not a mystery if we search for it; but the question is, are you willing to accept what you find, and what He reveals? Or, do you bury yourself in your presumptions and pride?  


The other option is to ignore God and stick to your own will and desires, thus missing out on great opportunities and growth, for which you were placed on this earth. So, I plead with you to do as Galatians 2:20-21 calls us, to surrender your will over to His. Then, you will find His pure and pleasing and perfect will, which is for you to learn and grow in Him. Would you rather lead a life with distinction and purpose, or continue to complain and spread the disease of sin, gossip, malice, strife, hatred, condemnation, and pride. God calls us to work together as His representatives in this life to those around us, with love, joy, peace, and patience.  


Whether you are looking for God's will for your life or helping others determine God's will, God wants you to succeed on your journey. He will love and guide you through life. The discovery begins with the right attitude, allowing yourself to be stretched and challenged beyond your comfort zone. So, if you are really ready to grow in Christ and be your best for His glory, then He will unfold His will before you. You will see that what you think is important often is not, and what you take for granted and ignore is usually your primary call.


I believe that most of us passionately desire to know what God is up to in our lives. We want to know God's plan, His will for our lives so we can better live our lives. Yet, at the same time, we can allow our frustrations and fears to prevent us from seeking it. Our fears creep in, saying we cannot do this or live it. Or, that it may be just too hard to find or follow.


We also need to beware of the self-doubting mindset that says, I think I just need to live a good life, I think I’m doing OK, I hope my choices have been good, or, I do not have a clue. 


Principle Point: God’s will is about a Person who is God, who wants a loving relationship with us! What it is not all about is what we seek, such as what major should I choose, what career is best, who shall I marry, where should I move to, or, is this a wise investment? It is all about connecting with Christ in a healthy, loving, empowered way. Then, the bumps in the road come such as setbacks, failure, wrong choices, betrayal, fear, death, disease, sickness, trials, and tribulations, and we wonder what it is all about; why, why, and more why. 


Sometimes, Satan tries to trick us and seeks to mislead and confuse us. Sometimes, we misinterpret our own will and feelings as being what God’s will is.  What we think might be the leading of the Holy Spirit may not be from Him at all, but just our own selfish ideas and plans. Our focus needs to be on what God has shown us through His Scriptures; not our own personal desires or what our friends and TV have to say¾regardless of how good they may seem to be!


We need to focus on the Lordship of Christ, and not the problems and decisions we face!!! 


Discussion Ideas Read: John 3:16, 30; Romans 12:1-2


Let us look at the wonderful facts the Lord has given us:     


1.      Read EPHESIANS 2:1-3 several times and answer these questions:


a)     In Galatians 5:19-21, what are the sources for our desires?


b)     In 1 John 2:15-17, how does the world influence our decision-making?


c)     In Ephesians 6:12, who is our struggle against?


d)   Read these following Scriptures and state what the result would be of following the source they direct. We have three sources to choose from. 


e)   What are these sources, and what would be the result of following them? (Pick one, or have different youth to read: Romans 8:5-8; Galatians 6:8; 1 Corinthians 3:1-3; James 4:4; 2 Corinthians 11:3; and 1 Peter  5:8.)


f)    Read the following passages and determine how you can stand against the sources of confusion, Romans 8:9; 12:2; 1 Peter 2:11; James 4:7-8. 


Question: What would your life be like if you completely trusted God? Luke 4:16-19; John 14:1-14


Remember: God’s blessings are beyond our Imagination 


Spend time in PRAYER


Deeper thought: We tend to be guided by what we know and by what we have experienced, but to be guided by what we have not experienced takes a leap of faith.  So, how can this happen for us to be guided by the facts of God’s direction? Well, this is where the labor pains are¾in our maturity and growth! Too few of us actually surrender to the facts and truth, only to the seemingly familiar deceptions and voices of unreason, the media, or peer pressure as our guide! 




Talk II. God is Reliable!


We need to seek God’s reliable counsel, not unreliable hunches or our will or what Satan wants.  


Read 2 Peter 1: 12-21


Peter warns of the power and influence of personal philosophies people have made up for themselves that make us feel good and give us a sense of accomplishment when we “discover” them. What Peter has taught has not been made up. Jesus is real and is Power; He is the real Truth! And, Christ is coming again! The message from Peter and the Prophets was not manmade or clever philosophical wisdom; rather, it came from God Himself. In addition, the Prophets and Apostles as well as science, reason, history, and personal testimonies verify it. God is reliable and He loves and cares for you and me.


When we know that God is reliable, we can pay attention to Him, not to falsehoods. Have you ever wondered about situations you have faced with faith and confidence in the past but now, somehow you have misplaced that confidence or knowledge? Perhaps you once stood firm in your faith in Christ, but something did not go your way. Perhaps, the busyness and stresses of life have distracted you. Or, perhaps you have started to believe in the ways of the world or interests and emotions that tingle us but will cause us to veer off God’s path and onto a path of chaos and destruction. Peter is seeking to point his people back to what they once knew. He reminds them of the significance and relevance of Christ. He also restates to them his authority as an eyewitness and a personal disciple of Jesus Himself.


We must NOT rely on our emotions and feelings, because they deceive our thinking.


The key is to PRAY, then read and examine the passages, and then pray again!!!!! 


1        Obedience is our moment of truth! 


2        Surrendering is not giving up! 


            We must have the firm desire to surrender ourselves to the will of the Father!  However this surrendering we do does not mean we are giving up our distinction and personality. It does not make us eunuchs or robots that serve a master out of obligation and employment or out of a predetermined program. It is the refusal to surrender our will that leads us astray and away from His perfect will, and that leads to unhappiness and strife.    


Surrendering your will to God’s is the important thing in doing the will of God: 


Discussion Ideas


John 5:17; Colossians 1:9-10: God wants us to follow His plan, because He has a better idea!


Read: Matthew 16:21-23; Luke 22: 39-44.


1.   What are some of the interests and emotions that tingle or distract us?


2.   What are some examples of bad decisions?


3.   How do bad or wrong decisions cause us to fall off God’s path and His best for us?


4.   What would a path of chaos and destruction look like for you? How can you avoid it?


We need to base our choices on Scripture and not on our feelings or experience! 

Here are some words of wisdom:


1.      God draws us!

2.      God reveals truth!

3.      God convicts us of sin!

4.      God causes us to seek Him!

5.      God convicts us of righteousness! 


1        Know the LORD!                                                      

2        Love the LORD!

3        Believe the LORD!

4        Obey the LORD!

5        Trust the LORD!


Read Ephesians 6:10-18


More Discussion:


1.   How does Satan try to tempt you?


2.   What can you do to thwart his plans in your life?


Spend time in PRAYER and see what GOD does next in your life!!! 



Deeper thought: Our growth in Christ has value! Real, impacting, growing faith requires diligence on our part. Thus, we are asked to rekindle our Christian growth as an ongoing effort and apply His Truth so our hearts are centered upon Him. Just think what self-control, patience, endurance, godliness, and love would do for you and those close to you (2 Pet. 1: 5-11)! Our failure to obey God will cause us to lose out on so much in life and in eternity. Our diligence to remain faithful and obedient with virtue will help enable others to do so. When we obey God, He will reward us beyond our ability to fathom!




Talk III. Learning About Obedience


Obedience is the fuel that puts God’s will into action! 


Faith in God is the foundation of our house of Christianity. Without this foundation, our house will fall. The facts of what Christ did and who He is are the walls that hold. Our obedience is the roof that keeps us safe on God’s path by protecting us from the elements of deception. Our feelings are merely the paint that makes us shine, but alone does not stand up!


Open Question: How would you define obedience? Do your friends and family see you making sacrifices to obey God?


Have you ever thought that Faith needs obedience to keep it going?


This is what Obedience is from the Bible (Deuteronomy 13: 4; 1 Samuel 15:22; Proverbs 19:16; Acts 5:29; John 14:14; 15:14; 2 Corinthians 10:5; Hebrews 13:17). It is submitting to what God requires of us. This is a character that motivates us to keep seeking our Lord and cleaving to Him, regardless of the circumstances we are in. Obedience helps us to be able to keep His precepts and be loyal to His call and to one another. It is also recognizing authority and direction from others, such as the pastor and church, so winning situations can result. 


Now what are the opposites? Disobedience, Defiance, and Rebellion! With these attitudes, we will flee from God’s love and precepts, ignore His call, and just do our own thing. Sounds good, but we need to think this through a bit as it will choke us. We think we are being cool and rebellious, doing what we want to do, but all it will do is end up hurting us and those around us! Disobedience will cause us to have no fear of God; we will do as we please, thus placing us on a path of chaos, strife, and destruction. We will have no desire to serve Him or do the right thing outside of obligation. We will miss out on true intimacy, destroy our relationships, and hinder our personal growth and joy in ourselves and others. We will miss out on maturity and on the wonder of His plan; and then on top of all that, we will be miserable too!  


Obedience is not Willfulness, or having a strongwilled mindset; rather, it is our lining up with God’s best plan, precepts, and call. It is the self-surrender of our will so we become less in our spirit and more in His Spirit (John 3:5, 30). Even in the Old Testament, God was more concerned with people’s trust and obedience than their offerings and sacrifices. Did you know that God delights in our obedience? Yet, He does not demand it, nor is it required for our salvation. It is something we do because we are grateful for what He has done for us; as the hymn goes, there is no other way!


Obedience helps us out in our life and relationships. It is the willingness to cooperate with God and with others in their godly directions and plans. It is working together to further the Kingdom as a community, shining with the glory of our Lord together. We may think we are sacrificing our will and pride to our detriment, but our pride only results in separation and strife from others. Whereas, when we work tighter and together, we bring and build community and relationships.


Discussion Ideas Read Colossians 3:23:


1.      Why do we, as people, not like to be obedient?


2.      What happens to your relationship with God, with others, and with the opportunities God gives you when you are disobedient?


3.      In what situation did you fail to be cooperative when you should have been?


4.      What issue is in your life that would improve with more Obedience? Are you willing to be a cooperative person? Do you know when it is biblically necessary not to be?


5.      Think through the steps you need to take to put Obedience into action in a specific instance. Read Romans 13:1-2. Ask yourself, how can I accept the word, “no,” from those in authority (when it does not violate God’s precepts) without appeals, discussions, complaining, gossip, and such? Instead of jumping to no, I cannot, how can we rather seek, how can I, with God and others?



Spend time in PRAYER


Deeper thought: Obedience is pure loyalty to our Lord. It helps us focus on Him and what He has done for us. We will see our sinful nature and how He has rescued us from our self destruction, so we will know where we came from and have no desire to go back, and so we will stick with Him even in times of dire suffering. It means not being ashamed of the Gospel, as Paul proclaimed in Romans 1:16, so that your devotion becomes contagious to those around you. Obedience is not something we dread, or feel we have to do, nor is it bondage in a negative sense. It is the joy of knowing our Lord and staying with Him so as to partake in His love and grow in Him further, deeper, and stronger. The result is that we become more mature, of more use to His glory, and become willing to express His love with eagerness to others.




Talk IV. Follow by Faith


Let Jesus be your supreme example in all that you do.


Open Question: Who has just finished learning to drive a car? What was your experience like?


When you first learn to drive a car, you quickly learn that the only way the car will turn is when it’s in motion. If we sit in a car and turn the wheel while the car is in park, all we will get is an arm ache! God cannot direct our path without our getting ourselves in gear. God cannot use us unless we are growing in faith and practice (that is moving for Him)! The confirmation comes out of obedience along with patience and faith!


Read Matthew 9: 9-13 


Matthew responded to Jesus’ radical command to leave all and follow Him. He could never return to his job, as he would be viewed as a traitor. For us as well as for them, it required steadfast faithfulness, obedience, and trust to undertake His path. Matthew actually got up and followed! This man, with so much to lose by the world’s standards, left it all. Yet, he gained so much more. Matthew showed great faith by being willing to leave his prosperous position and follow Jesus to a life—from his perspective—of the unsecured and unknown. In reality, there is nothing more secure than following Jesus!


Life seems like putting together a puzzle without looking at the picture on the box. We pray and hope we are doing it right, but sometimes it is like working in the dark. God’s will is a mystery; there is no doubt about it. Mainly because we are not mature enough to handle the truth of what is ahead. If we do know, then we are likely to be cowards and flee! So, God reveals his plan to us slowly, just as you start feeding a toddler. You start slowly and gradually increase in the amount and types of food. Only God knows for sure what our finished life will be like; there is no final picture, only a template of trust and obedience. God does offer us the plans and instructions that we walk in His Grace by faith (see Hebrews 11). "Without Faith it is impossible to please God." So, the basic idea is for us to focus our minds on FAITH, not on worrying about the future!


The great news of life, whether it seems to be a puzzle or not, is that we have a great God who cares! He seeks us out, and we sinners become His friends as He offers us fellowship and the transformation of our sickly selves to healthy, robed in His righteousness.


As Christians, we are powered by the Spirit. He will change us to the core person that we can be by our response of faith. Matthew made such a response; he showed great faith to permanently leave his prestigious job, and with overwhelming gratitude, throw a big feast in Jesus’ honor so his friends could see for themselves this most incredible God-Man.


Discussion Ideas


1.   How important is it to make good decisions while you are driving?


2.   Does life seem like a puzzle to you? If so, how so? How would following Christ help you?


3.   What are some of the advantages of not knowing what lies ahead in life?


4.   Do you really believe, with confidence, that there is nothing more secure than following Jesus? What does secure mean to you, considering eternity versus the materialistic?


5.   What is the difference to you between moving and not moving?


6.   What is the difference between waiting on the Lord and moving?


7.   What part does faith have in the confirmation process?


8.   What is it about Jesus’ words, “Follow me,” that causes some to respond with passion, and others to flee in anger?


9.   Follow me are two very powerful words, yet are so easily blocked when we are too puffed up with ourselves. How can you make a commitment so this will not happen to your faith?


Things we can do to make better decisions:


1        Surrender your will to God before anything else.


2        Cultivate a consistent quiet time with devotions, prayer, and Bible reading.


3        Read the Word of God and let it transform your life.


4        Never forsake your responsibilities as a follower of Christ, as a family member, or in your job.


5        Discover your natural talents and spiritual gifts, then find people who are mature and have the same gifts to disciple you.


6        Discover your unique calling in life, which is usually found in your natural gifts and abilities.


7        Remain open to God’s instruction and His interruptions that change your attitudes and ways of thinking.


With most things in life, attitude will make the difference on how we live and respond, not only to God but also to those around us. Part of our attitude involves having the heart of a servant.


Spend time in PRAYER


Action points to take home and work it out:


1        Are you in prayer so you can discern what road signs you are observing? Psalm 34:19


2        The Bible shows us the way. Romans 8:27


3        The Holy Spirit will guide us. John 16:13


4        God will draw us into His will. 2 Corinthians 7:9-10, Ephesians 1:1, Colossians 1:1-2, 2 Timothy 1:1


5        God will use others to help direct our path. Proverbs 25; 27:17-19; Romans 15:14; Titus 2:3-5, Colossians 3:16


Deeper thought: Follow me are two very powerful words, yet are so easily blocked when we are too puffed up with ourselves. If you think you do not need a doctor, you are very mistaken, for you would be the sickest of all. Jesus did not come for the righteous because there are no righteous people. There are only those who think they are. Their invitation to join His Kingdom will never be opened and read, because there is too much of them in the way; the words cannot be seen. The faith to respond will never grow in the shallow soil of pride.




Talk V. Learning about Satan’s Opposition 



Open Question: Have you ever thought that Satan does not want you to make good decisions? 


             Beware of opposition from Satan; he does not like us to be obedient! Any good decision may be met with resistance; sometimes little, sometimes big. We must be discerning to what is a closed door and what are misleading thoughts and actions by the evil one.


Who is Satan? Satan is real and personal and dedicated to evil. He wants you to fail by making decisions that cause you to fail and be miserable! The first thing that comes to people's minds today when they hear the word “satan” is a reddish man in a red suit with long horns, goat legs, a pointed tail, and a big pitch­fork. For others who don’t actually believe in his existence, “satan” is simply a way to refer to the presence of evil in the world. Yet, the Bible reveals that Satan is real, personal, and a being who is a powerful destroyer and an active agent in our world (Luke 4:1-13). Satan is the leader of the fallen angels (demons). His main name means our “chief adversary” (1 Chronicles 21:1; Job 12f; Zechariah 3:1-2). Satan is so powerful that even Michael, the archangel, did not oppose him directly; Michael attacked him in the name of the Lord (Jude 8-9)! Satan can whip us good like a bully on the playground; we are no match for him. However our dad (Christ) can beat him up! Satan was defeated; thus, he is jealous of God and is opposed to all that represents the character of the true Creator.  


Satan is the father of lies and the greatest liar of all! He is called the deceiver and the manipulator. To accomplish his purposes, Satan blinds people to their need to be in Christ, and causes Christians to fight amongst themselves so the Word does not get out, or gets out wrong!   


Two forces are at work in the world: the forces of Christ and the forces of evil. These are not like the forces of "Star Wars," or of equal balance, such as the Chinese philosophy of "Ying and Yang". God is Sovereign; Satan is a condemned, created entity! Satan cannot exert his power beyond what God allows him to for His purpose! Remember, Satan may be the "god" of this age and ruler of the earth, but God is God and is still King and in charge! You are asked to choose between them. This choice should not be difficult. You either side with defeat and destruction or with the One who created and loves us and who is the victor!  


Remember, God does not care so much where we live or how we earn our keep, but His concerns are about our character and who we are. Do not get this turned around in your way of thinking.


God is a God of truth and purity. Satan is the opposite! Satan is not a god, nor is he pure or concerned with truth!    


Discussion Ideas


Read: Ephesians 4:19-24; 1 Peter 4:15. The best way to honor the Holy Spirit is to allow Him to guide you




1        Do you use any occult practices?


2        How can you apply sound judgments? 


3        How do you double-check your decisions? 


4        Do the principles of common sense rule your way? 


5        God is glorified when we obey Him! 


6        God is ready to teach; are you ready to learn?


            Do not allow yourself to be taken in by the distortions of Satan or bad advice.  Do not just look to being flashy or have delusions of grandeur, but allow the subtle leading of our Lord. Let Him place you where you are best suited. 

It’s not about you; it’s about God.  It’s not what we do that makes us a Christian; it’s what Jesus has done for us!!! 


1        Do not allow Satan or anything to twist your way from God’s! 


2        Be a person who thinks things through. 


Search me oh God and know my heart!  Try me and know my anxious thoughts!  And see if there be any wicked way about me, and lead me in Your path forever!  Psalm 139:23-24. 


Extra: Joel 2:25-26;  Do not be afraid to fail.  God will restore you.  That is what grace is all about.  All He wants is our obedience, not our occupation or personal plan!


 Phil 2:5-8 states that Jesus came as God’s servant, to accomplish His will to redeem us from our fallen selves! 


1        To be a servant, we are to be as moldable as clay in His hands!


2         We can do nothing apart from God!


3        With Christ working in us, we can do anything!


Deeper thought: You may resist temptation for a while, and think you are winning. What you do not realize is that you are playing right into Satan's hands. Remember, in the end, the winner takes all. Satan is real; demons are real. Read through the descriptions and roles of Satan in the Word of God and come to grips with reality. Spiritual Warfare! There is only One who has successfully defeated Satan, and that is Christ. Without Christ you are no match for the enemy of your soul. Without Christ you will not win the game of life!



Talk VI. Putting it Together 



The Principle Point of making good choices is simple. Keep your eyes on Him!


Read John 11:32-35


God’s will is about a Person who is God, who wants us! He wants a loving relationship with you; He wants you to do well and succeed in life. God cares, He is lovingly pushing you forward and is grieved when you fail or are hurt to the point that He weeps for us. And still He has His amazing grace for you now!


Making good and wise decisions is based on keeping our eyes on Christ and not on our faulty desires. It is Christ that we are to seek, because our spiritual growth and our faith and character development are the most important things above all else. Then the details and specifics of life become more clear for us, such as what friends to have, what major to chose, what career is best, who we should marry, or what good investment we can make in our church and community. It is all about connecting with Christ so we are growing in Him. Then we can connect with others better, and be healthier and more content in our lives. We can lead lives of worth and distinction when we are in a healthy, loving, empowered Way¾His Way. Then the bumps in the road that come, such as disappointments, frustrations, set backs, disease, sickness, trials, and tribulations will make us stronger and better. We will see life not as a series of personal attacks and hurdles that are against us, but rather a way we can learn and grow and also be better to others.  


Action points to take home and work it out:


1        Read I Thessalonians 5:21. Be willing to test your decisions and options!


2        Be willing to wait upon the Lord.  A constant theme in the Psalms is that God sometimes keeps us waiting, so do not be in a hurry; relax and enjoy the ride of life. 


3        Do not be in a hurry to get anywhere; all it does is causes stress and strife. 


4        In God’s will and leading, He will not contradict His law; that is, He will not call you to drop out of school, or later in life leave your spouse or marry a non-believer.   


God asks us to receive His fruit and make more of it (Galatians 5). The fruit He calls us to produce is the fruit of holiness. This means we are to be separated unto God for His purpose and glory as Israel was (Jos. 24:19; Hab. 1:13; 1 Pet. 1:15). It comes as a result of our relationship with Christ that produces faith, commitment, trust, and obedience. The result is the endeavor for moral purity and virtue. These are the seeds that produce a loving Church and a prosperous society, affluence in character and care, the real true wealth. We have to ask what holds us back in this? Yes, it is sin; but what sins, what influences, or what means will keep you from your spiritual growth? Why do we not do as we are called in holiness and care? What about you personally? Unless we find this out, how can we continue our development into maturity and faith! The book of 1 Peter is all about pursuing holiness, with encouragements and instructions on this much-needed Christian endeavor. Make a commitment to read it fully and carefully! The make the commitment to apply it to your life and church!



Discussion Ideas Read Galatians 5:19-22


1.   Why do we not do as we are called in holiness and care?


2.   What holds us back in making good decisions? Yes, it is sin; but what sins, what influences are upon us? How do these things keep you from your spiritual growth?


3.   What would the fruit of holiness be like? What would it mean to your friends, your community, school, family, and/or church if you sought holiness more? How will you make this so?


4.   We must be praising God for His grace; so, how can you do this?


5.   What do you need to do so your will is under His, and not left to yourself?


6.   How can you be a person who is committed to a life that bears fruit (Gal 5)?


7.   His grace plays (or will play) what role in you life and relationships? Consider all possibilities.



Spend time in PRAYER


Deeper thought: Be heavily aware of the dangers of pride and egotism.  There is nothing that gets in the way of God working in us more than our own selfish desires, and that is when we are imitating Satan.  How foolish are we to look to ourselves with our limited intellect and experience when we can draw upon the Creator and King of the Universe and His unlimited intellect, overwhelming love, His irresistible grace, and His perfect plan.  



© R. J. Krejcir 1994, 2001 www.intothyword.com God’s Will Channel




Making Healthy Choices Handout


Principle Scriptures: Matthew 22:37-38; Romans 12


God calls us to make wise choices, so what will you do about it? Here are some thoughts: 


1        The first thing we need to do is: change our attitude from being selfish to being Christ like (Romans 12)!


2        The second thing we can do is have a purpose and reason for our life. Have goals and a mission in life (Matthew 22:37-38).


Look over these two Scriptures and you will know what is God’s Will! You see, Jesus plainly tells us, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. And then He tells us how to apply it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Thus, we need to seek through wise council and prayer what we can specifically do to please God and model His love to others around us.


What does this look like in my daily life? When something comes up I need to seek and know what is best by having a good positive attitude, being in prayer, and asking, “does this please God?” And what pleases God? The answer is simple; it is our attitude, character, and Fruit of the Spirit working in and through us over all else!

So, when I need to think about who should I be friends with or what college should I go to, I make my decisions by reading his Word, asking wise older people (not just dufus friends), praying, and thinking it through.


Here are some more thoughts:


1        Pray!!!!! Luke 11:9

2        Commit your self and choices to the Lord: Psalm 15; 37:5-6, 23-26.

3        Seek God’s Will: James 4:13-15…

4        Ask God for wisdom: Proverbs 2:1-9; James 1: 5-8

5        Realize that God loves you and keeps His promises: 1 John 4:4-21. 

6        Ask others for advice (who are older and wiser): Proverbs 11:14; 12:15

7        Be willing to learn from your mistakes and from others: Proverbs 3:13-14

8        Be forgiving and accepting of others. 1 Timothy 1:12-16

9        Do not allow your pride to steer your direction in life: Psalms 10:4; Proverbs 16:18.

10   Do not fret over past failures or fear the future; God is still loving and guiding you.


Now go over your options and make a list of the pros and cons, the pluses and the minuses and then ask to go “P”:


P-P-P means pray, peace and press on. First, we are to pray and not be anxious. Second, we are to have peace as Colossians 3:15 states. Third, after we have done the first two, we need to press toward the goal and not be afraid to fail. When we do this, two things will happen; we will either succeed or we will discover that was not God’s will and have to reboot. Either way, God will use it to help us grow. Mistakes are not sin unless we are being disobedient to God.


A-S-K refers to ask, seek and knock, which comes out of Luke 11:9. Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. To ask means simply are we asking God and/or are we asking qualified people? To seek means are we seeking our options and being honest with our abilities and ourselves? Also, are we seeking reliable information? To knock means to get ourselves moving; do not sit around and wait for your ship to come in because it may have already sunk.


What is the up side of making good decisions, besides a better and happier life (1 Thessalonians 3:7)?


1        They help us be a better person

2        They help us earn the respect and trust of others such as parents teachers and friends

3        They help us have happier and healthy relationships

4        They help us have a good character and reputation

5        They help provide us with a successful and fulfilling future


We are not rats in a maze, but Heirs to the kingdom of God! So go in comfort to love and serve the Lord our God. Do this with obedience, with passion and conviction, and with love and desire!


More ideas and help available at www.intothyword.org on the God's Will Channel


© R. J. Krejcir 1994, 2001 www.intothyword.com 



Game Idea:


Game #1 & Object lesson - Let's Make a Choice (From www.Youthpaster.com)

            This game is taken from the old, old, old, T.V. show, "Let's Make a Deal". There are both good and bad prizes to be had by the players, so they better make a wise choice! You will need about 20 - 30 prizes for this game, but they won't all get used up, as for every choice that is made, one prize isn't chosen. It is much easier if you put all the prizes in boxes, or under a sheet on a chair, or behind a divider, or under a pot, or whatever way you choose to "hide" the prizes, and do it BEFORE the kids come for the program. That way, when you go to play the game, everything is already set up.

            You will need an assistant to bring out prizes to you, as you may not want all of them to be in plain view when you start the game. Also, by doing it this way, kids won't know when it is coming to an end.

           Put Large letters A, B, & C, one on each paper. Photocopy these papers so you will have about five (5) of each to work with. To play the game, choose a volunteer. It could be a boy, or a girl, just try to keep it even as you play. The host of the show says, which box will you chose? Box A or Box B? The host encourages the audience to yell out their suggestion to the player. After a few seconds, the player makes a choice. The host shows them what's under the box, and that is their prize. Choose another volunteer. The host continues this process, but each time, changing the location of the prizes. For example, "Would you like what's behind door #1, or door #2, or what's under the chair?" The host can try to talk the player out of their choice before revealing what's under the box, or behind the door. "Are you really sure? You can change your mind, you know."

            Sometimes, what the player gets is good, and sometimes it's bad. For example, some bad prizes could be a can of beans, a tiny balloon, a rock, a crumpled up piece of paper, or anything else you can dream up. Some good prizes might be a bag of chips, a chocolate bar, a basketball, a stuffed animal, a popular toy etc. Most kid’s programs don't have a lot of money to spend, so try to get things that look like a big prize, but don't cost a lot.

            Also, the host can try to convince the person to trade their prize, once it is revealed, for another choice. For example, if they got a bag of chips from their choice of box A or Box B, then the host can say, "I'll trade you that bag of chips for what's behind door #2." Sometimes the player will make the trade, and sometimes they will choose to keep what they have because they know it's good. The host should really encourage the audience to yell out what the player should do! This helps keep the audience involved.

            This game is a Big Favorite for the kids! We only play it 2 or 3 times a year, so we don't wear out the excitement. There is also a great lesson to be learned from it. No matter what choice you make, good or bad, you must live with the consequences. If you get a good prize in the game, then get greedy and trade it for what's behind the door #2, you could end up with something terrible. Also, many times their friends will be telling them what they should do, but it is up to the person to make his or her own decision, because he or she is the one who must live with that decision. When he or she makes wise decisions, they will be happy with the results.





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