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Our Vision
“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death” Philippians 3:10

It is our VISION and call, and commitment to point the church back onto the path of making disciples. It is our passion and directive to lead Christians away from our false perceptions and into His way.

We desire to see a church committed to His purpose and poured out to His ways. Then we will see revival through real prayer and devotion to His Lordship.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105 KJV

Into Thy Word Ministries teaches people how to study the Bible in a simple, clear, and concise way, discipling pastors and missionaries, providing seminars, speaking,church consulting, discipleship tools and resources for Christian growth.

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By Richard Krejcir

Into Thy Word -  

We are called to Christ

 The will of God has more to do with controlling our hearts, than what we do in our planning and ideas!!! I Peter 5:6-11 

          Jesus calls us to be for Him; that is to be nourished and grow, as a plant is nourished and grows.  As a plant sinks its roots deeper into the soil to receive richer nourishment, so must we sink our will into the depth of Christ and yield to His riches and splendor.  Our relationship to Christ is not about a way of thinking or a particular theology but it is to Christ Himself. 

           To make it clearer, our Christian walk is not about what we do, it is about what we are.  Too many of us are devoted to saying and thinking the right things, and this is important, but it is not what we are about.   

           So the question is: Are you devoted to a cause or are you devoted to the person and work of Christ?  

           Do not be like so many Christians who warm their butts Sundays on the pews and do nothing else.  But we are to live our lives for Him.  Our confidence is what Christ has done for us and this is what Christianity is about.  It is not about what we do.  What we do is merely a response of love, devotion and obedience.

           When we respond to the call of Christ, do not be fooled that no crisis or disruptions will attack your life.  There are two parts to the Chinese word for crisis.  First is opportunity.  Second is warning.  We must take a sign from this that dangers will come but out of these dangers come rich opportunities for us to learn and grow as servants. 

           In the midst of a crisis, our opportunity is to make a choice.  We can either choose to follow God’s leading or we can choose to fall further away.  It is our stubbornness and desires that seem to take the lead during this crisis, rather than Christ’s perfect plan.  It is not how we answer the question of suffering; it is how we respond to it that is important.  This will build us up and further God’s glory.  You see, we live in a sin-infected world and God will turn this around for His glory.  So, have you allowed Christ into your life to the point that it has caused you a crisis?  Maybe a crisis with your family or school or what you will do with your life.  Take comfort.  Remember that it is God who is in charge.  So do not go around looking for a crisis and starting things.  Just because we live with a hornet’s nest above our heads does not mean we should be whacking it with a stick.

            Jesus says in Mark 1:14-18 “Come and follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

            The call of our LORD is simple and clear; it is to Himself first and always, and this must be if we truly want to find God’s direction in our lives!  

           We are called to a Person, not to a cause, not to a religion, Theology, or a way of life: but, we are called to walk by His side, to walk with Him. This passage does not say where they were called to go, only that He will lead and guide. How many people do you know that refuse to ask for directions when they are lost? It has been my observation that this is a strong sign of pride, and pride is a great wall between us and what God’s best is that He has for us: We are to let Him show us the way.

           Christ does not hand us a plan in triplicate, He hands us Himself. Would you rather have a written outline, or the King and Creator of the universe as your guide? Christ simply says “come and follow me.” Martin Luther said, “I do not know the way that I take, but well do I know my guide.” When I go backpacking (which I enjoy, but do very little) I would much rather have a good leader to show me the way, instead of a map! When I drive somewhere new, I tend to get lost easily, even with a “Thomas Guide” or “AAA” map.  I would rather talk to someone who can show me the way (and yes, it is a humbling experience to ask for directions as a strong willed male warrior). This should be our impulse, to follow Christ.  He will be the best guide we could ever conceivably or possibly come up with.  

           Psalm 48:14 "For this God is our God forever and ever: He will be our guide even to the end.” 

           We must escape the will of our society and selfish desires, and surrender our will to His. To live our life dedicated with passion and conviction for Him. And then God’s will begins to unravel before our very eyes! 

A Question: What would your life be like if you completely trusted God? Luke 4:16-19; John 14:1-14 


  • Let Christ’s awareness take the place of self-awareness!
  • Have you allowed Christ to introduce joy to you?  Check out Psalm 48 and John 15:11.
  • Beware, God may have to destroy the confidence we have in ourselves before we have confidence in Him.
  • Have you persecuted Jesus yourself?  We do this by invoking our will over His!
  • The purpose of discipleship is bringing us into a right relationship so we come to the knowledge of Christ’s purposes over our own.
  • We start our relationship with God with all kinds of requests until we realize it is the love relationship that is important.
  • Where we spend the most time in our lives (especially with our thoughts) molds us to who we are.  So, do you concentrate?  On Christ, and who He is, and what  He has done?
  • Our challenge is to be founded on God’s purpose, not our own.
  • Obedience to Christ means being faithful and trusting above all else.   

We must be a servant of Christ, to let Him mold and shape us to His glory and purpose, and remain in this relationship! 

Condensed from the book "Finding God's Will for your Life" by Richard J. Krejcir, Copyright 1997 

Richard Joseph Krejcir, is the Director of ‘Into Thy Word Ministries, ’a discipleing ministry. He is also a pastor, teacher, speaker is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena California and has amounted nearly 20 years of pastoral ministry experience mostly in youth ministry, including serving as a church growth consultant.


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    old scribe
    The classic work of 'Saint Alphonsus de Ligouri' 1696- 1787

    “Perfection is founded entirely on the love of God: ‘Charity is the bond of perfection;’ and perfect love of God means the complete union of our will with God’s.” The essence of perfection is to embrace the will of God in all things, prosperous or adverse. In prosperity, even sinners find it easy to unite themselves to the divine will; but it takes saints to unite themselves to God’s will when things go wrong and are painful to self-love. Our conduct in such instances is the measure of our love of God. More

    JESUS ' Model to Know God's Will

    JESUS ' Model to Know God’s Will Matt. 26:36-46 


    I. His strong assurance. "Father."

    • The character of God. 

    2. His encouragement. "My father!"

    • Experience of the Father's trustworthiness. 

    3. His outreach for others. "Watch with me!"

    • Wanted others with Him in the struggle. 

    4. His acknowledgment of need. "Sorrowful--even to death!"

    • Owned His feelings openly--amazing freedom from guilt! 

    5. His acceptance of individuality. "A little farther!"

    • Willingness to go it alone. Ultimately we stand before God as a solitary! 

    6. His persistent appeal. "If it be possible!"

    • The petition not answered--the person was! His dominant desire always had been to glorify the Father (John 17:1-5) and save the lost (Luke 19:10). That deepest prayer was heard! 

    7. His acceptance of the Father's better Way. "Never-the-less." 

    8. His immediate experience, inner peace, and power endure. 

    9. His ultimate answer, His resurrection, ascension, and outpoured spirit.


    From the lecture notes of Robert B. Munger

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