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The Lord's Rocking Chair / Poem

By Allison Garner Stine

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The Lord’s Rocking Chair

I wonder if in Heaven, God has a rocking chair

Waiting for those special times when we need His care.

What if the line was lengthy to sit upon His knee?

I guess it wouldn’t matter since we’d have eternity!

The armrests should be perfect to hold an extra two

And on God’s lap there must be room for more than just a few.

Imagine the amusement that we could have besides,

By climbing on the rockers and then going for a ride!

Quite honestly, I’m hoping I’ll be the only one

Who finds God’s lap is empty after all my chores are done.

With loving arms around me, my head upon His chest

To hear Him say, "I love you", that would be the very best!

I do not know exactly when I’ll get to Heaven’s gate

Forever with my Lord and God—oh, I can hardly wait!

But if by chance I find my Father only has a throne,

First thing, I’ll build a rocking chair that He can call His own!

Copyright 2003 by Allison Garner Stine

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