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Publisher's Column:Too Much Emphasis on Titles in The Church

By Darlene Osborne

Too Much Emphasis On Titles and Degrees:

Not Enough on The Anointing

Darlene Osborne, Publisher of

I am sure most of you remember when it wasn’t so much about how much education a preacher had or what title he held it was how Anointed he was. Strangely enough, nowadays, with so many well-known pastors and evangelists receiving their ministry degrees, adding titles to their names, and starting their own colleges, most of the Christian community is more concerned with getting smarter than they are with receiving the Anointing. Many Christians believe earning a ministry degree will enhance their ability to serve God while others feel they must achieve these coveted degrees and titles to be considered smart enough, or even important enough, to work in the Kingdom of God.

Does God Want You To Get a Degree?

If you want to enhance the talents and gifts God has given you that is one thing, but to feel you must have a ministry degree or some kind of title to feel important enough to work in God’s Kingdom is just plain wrong, to say the least. But in this day and hour, that seems to be all many are concerned with. They dwell on how important they can become and how much prestige that can earn. But, aren’t we supposed to be more concerned with winning the lost?

Just because you don’t have a title tagged on to your name doesn’t mean you aren’t just as important and just as capable of working for God as anyone else. If God wants you to get a degree to do something specific for Him, He will help you earn it. Whether He calls you to college or to the mission fields you are important to God and needed in His Kingdom.

Where’s the Holy Ghost Fire?

There was a time when our preachers got their smarts from the Lord and the only book they carried was the bible. They didn’t have a ministry degree, maybe they didn’t even know what one was, but they had something a college degree couldn’t get you then and won’t get you now. Holy Ghost fire! Back then, they weren’t interested in what they could learn through this world’s system, they were only interested in the things God revealed to them through and by His Holy Spirit.

I remember when pastors and evangelists were so filled with the power of God they would shout, jump up and down, and run around the altar? I have even seen them take out the church doors with half the congregation behind them buzzing around the parking lot like bees. I have seen people fall backwards under the true Anointing of God and stay there for hours. Many were saved and healed during this time as the fire of God was truly burning. But, sad to say, many pastors and evangelists are now losing that fire as we watch them become more sophisticated and subdued.

Consider this:

Just because someone has a good education doesn’t mean that are automatically Anointed of God. God Anoints whomsoever He calls not whomsoever calls themselves. Your pastor may be educated, but is he called of God? Is he Anointed? There are many self-made preachers out there, preaching the Word of God, that are no more called to be a preacher than I am a big time defense attorney appearing on CNN’s Nancy Grace . We need to make sure our preachers are called of God before we open up our pulpits to them.

Titles and Attitudes

I don’t mean to pick on them, but it seems everyone traveling the Christian TV circuit has a title of some kind. But its not so much their titles I have a problem with—its their attitude. Jesus said if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me. (John 12:32) But in this day and hour many are more interested in lifting themselves up. And, I must say, Christian TV is the worse place for this. For example, one day I was flipping through the channels and came across a lady preaching on one of the Christian networks. When I stopped to listen I heard her keep referring to herself as prophetess so and so. As I continued to listen it became apparent that she was boasting of herself, as if to say, "hey, look at me and take notice of my title and who I am."

The Word of God warns us about exalting ourselves. It says those that exalt themselves shall be abased.(Matthew 23:12) It also points out that we are not to think too highly of ourselves.(Romans 12:3)

I’m not saying the lady I referred to above isn’t called of God, I’m just saying she shouldn’t be lifting herself up like that. Her attitude about herself came across very self-glorifying.

Quit Note:

In reference to Romans 12:3, God doesn’t expect us to walk around beat down and feeling bad about ourselves. But, on the other hand, He doesn’t want us walking around feeling all high and mighty either.

You Don’t Need a Doctorate of Ministry Degree

To Specialize in Good Works.

You don’t need a degree of any kind to go down to the local hospital or nursing home to pray for the sick. You don’t need a title added to your name to witness to the lost. All you need is the Lord in your life. Don’t allow anyone, including those on TV, to make you feel inadequate in what God has called you to do. Remember, just because you’re not as sophisticated or educated as some of these ministers doesn’t mean you aren’t just as Anointed.

In Closing, Please allow me to make this clear, there is nothing wrong with working hard and earning a degree. I wouldn’t go to a medical doctor if I thought he didn’t have a degree, okay? A good education is something that can be very rewarding in life and of course it is something very beneficial. However, in my opinion, there is just too much emphasis placed on degrees and titles and not enough on The Anointing.

It all boils down to this, the true emphasis belongs on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Its not about us and what we have accomplished, its all about HIM and what He accomplished for us by going to the Cross.

Copyright 2005 Darlene Osborne

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