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In the Name of Jesus

By Judy Martin


     As my daughter began her 5th grade year of school, she would come home almost daily talking about her concerns for another student in her class. She told me how she was worried about him because he didn’t believe in God. In our conversation, she and I talked about how she could talk to him about God and be an example of God’s love for this young boy.

      As the days went by she became more worried, as the boy rejected every mention of God; in fact, this boy had started being mean to my daughter and telling her that her God didn’t exist and that he worshipped Satan instead. He was making it very hard for my daughter to feel comfortable at school, and I began praying that my daughter would have the strength to stand strong against his harassment.

      God revealed to me a plan and I began teaching and coaching my daughter in her strength to resist and stand strong against the devil’s persecution. I encouraged her that sometimes, you just have to move away from the situation when you don’t feel comfortable. In fact, the Bible tells us that we can tell the Devil to get away from us if we just speak the name of Jesus. In Acts 16:18, Paul commanded a demonic spirit to come out of a woman, in the name of Jesus. I told Brooke “You can just say, ‘In the name of Jesus, get away from me, Satan,’ and he’ll have to leave you alone because you commanded it in the name of Jesus.

      I never really thought that my daughter would have to use those words because, in my own prayers, I was already claiming victory for my daughter in this situation. After all, I had already called my daughter’s teacher expressing my concern and asking her to move Brooke to the other side of the classroom. In my mind, I had already helped fix the situation by having them separated in the classroom.

      Much to my surprise, my daughter came home the next day from school very excited. I prompted her to tell me how her day had gone. She very quickly exclaimed, “Mom, you know that kid in my class named “Damion”? Well, he kept bothering me today, so I finally just told him, “In the name of Jesus, get away from me,” and she added with all the faith of a child, “AND YOU HAVE TO!!” And with that, she knew God was going to take care of the problem.

      I didn’t hear anything else about this child for a couple of weeks, so I finally asked Brooke how things had been going with her disruptive classmate. She quickly testified, “Do you know the day I told him he had to get away from me in the name of Jesus? Well, he had to go to ISS, in school suspension, for the next couple of days, so he wasn’t even in my class, and after that his mom decided to start home schooling him, so he left our school, and then a couple of days later, we heard that he had moved to another town. He’s really gone!!”

      I must admit that my faith grew vastly when I saw how God handled this whole situation. 

      Our human minds cannot begin to fathom how completely and, in this case, how literally, God will answer our prayers when we ask in the name of his precious son, our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Copyright Judy Martin


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