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Finding God's Purpose in The Voting Booth

By Sarah-Jane Fawcett

Everyday I find worldliness has penetrated further. I’m bombarded with news that ranges from new legislation furthering "gay rights," to my cousin recently swayed by ungodly college professors. We are frantically evangelizing and providing Bible studies, conferences, etc. What more can we do? Then God showed me the weapon we all can wield against the world’s ways.

Our Weapon against Worldliness

Vote! This is the weapon God has placed in our hands – and we have the responsibility to wield it. Why? So we can appoint Godly leaders who allow God to lead the country through them. Think of it! Abortion clinics can be closed down, homosexuals can be shown the light, and college students can profess God’s name without persecution – and only because Christians stood up to vote.

Maybe you feel uneasy about the word, "vote." You say, "What difference will one vote make?" "I hate the way politics are going – I wash my hands of it!" "Isn’t voting just man getting in the way of God’s plan?"

It is true voting can be a confusing and discouraging affair, but God has called us to shine the Light EVERYWHERE – including the realm of government. So, let’s ask, "Has God appointed us as His audience to sit back and watch Him perform, or has He appointed each of us to carry out His will?"

The Voter’s Role Model: Prophet Samuel

God has always used the obedience of His servants in the process of appointing leaders. Our prime example is the prophet Samuel in 1 Sam. 16.

Samuel was used by God to appoint two of Israel’s kings. However, like we do today, Samuel experienced disappointment and uncertainty. When the unfaithful King Saul was rejected by God, Samuel spent days mourning over Saul and what could have been. Still, a new king needed to be appointed – and God called Samuel to do it. God said, "How long will you mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel?" Immediately Samuel got up to do God’s will.

Whoa, how did Samuel overcome disappointment? Wasn’t he worried about choosing another ungodly man?

Samuel trusted God’s plan. Samuel didn’t worry about choosing the wrong leader because he placed the responsibility in God’s hands. He was God’s servant and he would only carry out God’s will.

For example, when Samuel saw an impressive-looking man, he thought, "Surely this must be Israel’s next king!" But he listened to God and heard Him say, "Do not look at his appearance, or physical stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." Accordingly, Samuel allowed God to carry out His will through him. The result? Israel’s greatest king was placed on the throne – King David, "a man after God’s own heart."


Samuel was guided by God and He allowed God to take control. God requires this of His servants. So, let’s allow God to take control of our votes!

First, place the responsibility in God’s hands. The burden of choosing who to vote for is not on you! Now, place yourself in His presence. Know what His Will is.

Read His Word to know His Will and to know His voice. Most importantly – PRAY! Amid the din of opinions and humanly wisdom, we will recognize the small, prodding voice telling us who to vote for. Obeying God can be difficult, but the result will be peace.

We have been placed here "for such a time as this." The voting booths are open and future leaders are being equipped. Be a Samuel in this dark world. Rejoice that God has called us to vote and act upon the calling!

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