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Living for God Column: One Last Thing

By Calvin and Lisa Wulf


"One Last Thing"

By Calvin and Lisa Wulf

"I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation." Philippians 4:12 (NIV)

His face lights up when he sees his granddaughter.

"Hi Grandpa. I'm writing a paper at college on retired people and how they lived their lives."

"Well, I'll tell you about mine. I've spent my life striving. I wanted success. But as I reached every milestone, there was always something missing. I guess I've always been waiting for the one last thing that will finally make me happy."

We're always looking for the next place over the rainbow. Perhaps it's a bigger house. Perhaps it's a job promotion. Perhaps it's a new relationship. The peak experience is just around the corner. But in the meantime, we're swimming in a sea of discontent.

Our focus is on the next level no matter where we are. We're just never as far along in life as we think we should be. We need that one last thing in order to be happy. But what if it never comes?

Butcher, baker or candlestick maker, our life work is given to us by God. Actually, everything comes from him. He only asks us to be faithful stewards. So our job is taking care of God's business here on earth. That's all he asks.

The real issue here is faithfulness. Ultimately our success is based on what God has given us to do. We are to be faithful managers. We only need to do what we see God doing – nothing more. Then faithfulness equals contentment.

Are you still searching for the one last thing? Try these tips:

  • Check your reach. Is your hand always grasping in the air for the next thrill?
  • Check your attitude. Are you striving or thriving?
  • Check your life boat. Grab God's rope and get out of the sea of discontent.

Is it time to settle down and stop chasing after the one last thing? Contentment doesn't come from striving. It comes from faithfully doing what you've been given. So break the chains of anxiety and worry today. Only God brings real satisfaction.

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Copyright 2009 Calvin R. Wulf and Lisa Are Wulf




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