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Healthy Nutrition for Kids: Physical and Spiritual Body

By Kathryn Scoblick

The 3rd grade kids all giggled and begged for another round of mini marshmallows. Learning about the Holy Trinity was fun! It is always fun when God is described as one God in three divine persons, and most specifically, when God is represented by large marshmallows, Jesus represented by melted marshmallows, and the Holy Spirit represented by mini marshmallows. He is always one God and in different forms. Because the Holy Spirit is in us, the inner voice and guide that God gave us to trust ourselves, well, we had to eat some of course!

Teaching children that God made us in his likeness and that he is in us is another wonderful way to teach love and care for our physical bodies. I have written many times that we are to care for ourselves so that we can be healthy and strong to fill our purpose of serving others and to lead productive lives to the best of our abilities. God gave us our physical bodies to live our lives following Him.

It is not easy always making healthy choices and providing children with the right choices all of the time. Two hours ago I "had" to listen to one of children go on and on about "all of the other kids" get candy or fruit roll ups for their morning snack and "can you let me have it sometimes?" We all want what is best for our kids. Regardless of how we run our homes or the snacks we buy, we all want what is best for our children. My son has a point. It won’t hurt him to have what I call "junk" for a morning snack. We have to allow for favorites sometimes. But why does it need to be in the morning and at school? Can’t it be after dinner or after school? Find boundaries that work for your family and find balance and moderation in those boundaries.

The food manufacturers have made so many choices it is hard to have a perfect pantry. Kids are always asking for something you would rather not buy. Organic processed foods aren’t much better than conventional. At least they have no food colorings or high fructose corn syrup in them, but can still be high in sugar and highly processed. The food packaging is all about the kids. The marketing to children is amazingly perfected and it works. In an age that children are taught to the test, teach your kids to think for themselves. Ask children questions about commercials like, "Do you think that will make you strong" or "Do you think that commercial is true"? Teach them not to be manipulated by letting them see what commercials are for themselves.

Knowing that we are made in God’s likeness may help many of us make healthy choices, and it is also a good lesson for kids. However, don’t forget that when the treats come out, kids are kids. Studies on food availability prove that when less healthy foods are available like soda and cookies for example, those foods will displace healthier choices such as milk and fruit. It is proven over and over again. Teach children to enjoy their favorites in moderation and to be physically active everyday. Be the leader and the example. Care for your physical body. We all have Christ in us.

Copyright By Kathryn Scoblick


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