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Living for God Column: I "Want It Now!"

By Calvin and Lisa Wulf


"I Want It Now!"

By Calvin and Lisa Wulf


     "Wait for the Lord and keep his way."  Psalm 37:7

     "May I take your order?"

     "Hold on." He pulls the phone away from his mouth. "Yeah, I'll have a Combo 5."

     "Please pull up to the window."

     He drives forward, still talking on his cell.  "The car ahead of me is taking forever."

     "It'll be a minute for the fries, sir."

     "And they call this fast food?" he sulks to his friend.

     "Here's your order.  Thanks for waiting."

     "Can you believe it - that took almost three minutes!"

    We want what we want when we want it.  Microwave ovens are unbearably slow.  Even high speed downloads take too long.  Just waiting in line for a cup of coffee seems like forever.  We all know that the righteous live by speed alone.

     Patience is not a virtue in our hurry-up society.  But what good is eternity if we only live for the moment?  God must have quite a sense of humor to put heaven in our hearts and self-will in our heads.  What was he thinking?

     Let's all say this together:  "I am not the center of the universe."  When we put our own self-will first, God can't be in the primary position.  It's a scientific principle.  Two things can't occupy the same space.  Maybe it's time to replace self-will with self-control.

     You know, God actually does run the universe on his own schedule and his perfect will triumphs every time.  So when we declare that we simply must have something right now, are we issuing a challenge?  Perhaps we need to be still and know that he is God.

     So do this the next time you want it now:

·         Check your priorities.  Do you really have to have this right away?

·         Be disciplined.  Decide to wait on something – and then wait.

·         Take the long view.  Eternity lasts a lot longer than right this minute.

     In a battle of the wills between you and God, who do you think will win?  Not you.

So why not gracefully surrender?  Slow down and wait.  God is always right on time.


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Copyright 2009 Calvin R. Wulf and Lisa Are Wulf



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