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Israel is the key PERIOD

By David Taylor

As you all know I debuted with this magazine writing about the
world keeping their eyes on the Middle East and staying friendly with
Israel because of the particular significance of this nation. I mean,
come on, you have to know these people are important. What other
empire or kingdom ever in the history of Earth has ever reigned
mighty, fallen and reformed over 2000 years later in the exact same
place with the same identity and risen to the strength that this one
has out of nothing but millenniums of uncertainty, slavery, persecution
and warfare. But good old Uncle Sam thinks he's above that I guess.

Well here it is October 2009, and it is amazing the events that are
taking place in the world. One of the biggest things that I and many
others have been seeing is the fact this nation (The US) is turning
very hostile towards Israel. For the past four administrations, our
nation has been growing more and more hostile towards God's chosen
people Israel. Folks, this is the wrong and we as a nation will
experience dire consequences due to the choices our leaders are
making. Daily we see events taking place that do not favor this
nation. Our nation was once admired and many wished to come to
experience her freedom, but that is no longer. People used to come to
this country because they suffered persecution and the hands of unjust
dictators. We may still have some still come for that today, but
mainly it is to get on the public dole in one way or another.

One of our greatest freedoms is being quickly eroded away, that being the
freedom of religion. The first amendment was put in place to keep the
government from appointing a state-sanctioned religion. But looking at
today, we see that we do in fact have a state religion, it is like the
10,000 LB gorilla in the room no one wants to talk about but is ever
present. What is the state religion? Secular Humanism, but again if
you ask anyone, they will deny it. Another sub denomination of secular
humanism is Atheism, but again if you ask anyone about this being this
nations official religion, people will bock at the idea.

We now live in a nation, which has become very hostile towards anything Christian. Actually let me clarify that,anything that is biblically based Christianity demands hostility towards it. If you are one that holds to strong biblically based morals and standards you are demeaned, sneered at, and viewed as a
second class citizen and one that need mental evaluation. But what is worse if you are one of these biblically based individuals and you also support Israel and her rights as a free and sovereign
nation. If you are one of these, you get called just about every name
in the book. Here is what Scripture says: Gen 12:3 (KJV) "And I will
bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in
thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." Folks, we are in for
a rough ride, in fact much of the world is against Israel. We as
Christians need to stand with God's chosen people no matter what our
leaders do. We also need to make our voices heard and let our leaders
know that this nation must support Israel. When Israel declared
itself as an independent nation, it was President Harry S. Truman who
first signed on officially recognizing Israel as a nation. He did this
about 5 minutes after Israel made her claim and it upset many in the
global community and the UN that the US would side with Israel in this
manner. Because we have chosen to recognize Israel and stand beside
her, God has blessed this country richly. But due to our complacency,
we now have leaders who do not maintain the same biblical morals and
ethics that we as bible believing Christians do. In fact this current
administration has shown over and over again that it chooses Islam
over the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We must continue to stand
with Israel no matter what our leaders choose. We must make our voices
heard. Take time to write our leaders as well as write Prime Minister
Netanyahu. Let him know that we the people stand with Israel.

Copyright David Taylor


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