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WellSpring Center for Hope

The Key to the Prevention of Domestic Abuse

Edgebrook Covenant Church - The key to hope and prevention of domestic violence in our area
Call today – 773-723-2119

WellSpring Center for Hope is an inner-city community domestic violence program.  We began in 1988.  A concerned couple on Chicago’s southeast side recognized a critical and unmet need for Crisis intervention and providing a refuge for women victimized by abusive partners.  Thus, a well filled with hope quietly opened.  Since that time, it has been a source of refreshment and healing for each who have come to the well.

Our belief:  We believe that all people should have the opportunity to take responsibility of their lives and become whole and capable of caring for their families and themselves without compromising their safety or well-being.  Therefore, we choose to come alongside these individuals and families to assist them in creating a healthy future and breaking the cycle of violence.

WellSpring Center for Hope provides these services: crisis intervention, individual counseling, family counseling, domestic violence education, service planning, support groups, referral for services, legal advocacy, non-legal advocacy, community outreach.

WellSpring Center for Hope is bringing hope to survivors of domestic violence throughout the city of Chicago, particularly the Engelwood community.  Our center for hope serves women and children who are currently experiencing the abuse of domestic violence; emotional, physical or sexual abuse.  We also serve those who have been abused or who are in danger of violent behavior by a spouse, partner or relative.

All emergency and non-emergency contact is by phoning:  773-723-2119  Fax – 773-846-8983  WellSpring does not give it’s address for purposes of safety and confidentiality.

Office hours Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM  Evening and Saturday by appointment only.  Crisis outside of office hours are referred via our voice mail to Chicago Domestic Violence Help Line.

Send donations to: PO Box 368800, Chicago, IL  60636


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