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By Deacon Keith Fournier
The Catholic Way is a way of being Christian; a dynamic way of living the gospel in its fullness.

Catholic Way - On October 22, 1978, Pope John Paul II stepped out on to the balcony in St. Peters Square and signaled his mission:

"Be Not Afraid! Open up, no; swing wide the gates to Christ. Open up to his saving power the confines of the State, open up economic and political systems, the vast empires of culture, civilization and development…. Be not afraid!" he proclaimed to cheering throngs of the faithful gathered in St. Peter's square.

One of the chief architects of the Second Vatican Council and it's extraordinary document on the Church in the Modern World, "Joy and Hope", now occupied the chair of Peter.

In his invitation to build what he would later call a new "Culture of Life" and "Civilization of Love", this giant of a man stepped not only onto the balcony of St. Peter's, but also onto the world's stage.

History would never be the same.

Perhaps never in the history of the Church has such a talented and gifted "man of letters" ever occupied this office. He is an intellectual giant, a philosopher, a playwright, a poet, and a genuine human being.

However, not only is he entrusted with the most important role of service in the Church and the world, he is a Prophet. From his first encyclical letter entitled "The Redeemer of Man" forward he has not stopped passionately re-presenting the classical, unchanging, Christian message with a prophetic urgency, profound clarity and contemporary relevance.

The transforming themes of his work are set forth in a body of rich theology (and philosophy) that lays the ground for the 500-year renewal of the Church and through her, the transformation of human culture.

The oft-repeated paragraph 22 from "Joy and Hope" is a key to understanding John Paul's deep faith:

"In reality, it is only in the mystery of the word made flesh that the mystery of man truly becomes clear. For Adam, was a type of him who was to come, Christ the lord, Christ the new Adam, in the very revelation of the mystery of the Father and of His love, fully reveals man to himself and brings to light his most high calling."

Catholic Way is dedicated to making this treasury of insight accessible not only to Catholics, but to all Christians, all people of good will, and all who are seeking the deeper meaning of human existence. After all, being Catholic is a way of being Christian.

We have constructed Catholic way around the fresh, dynamic themes of the ministry of John Paul II. Themes such as "culture of Life", "new evangelization", "new springtime", "the universal call to holiness" and Christian marriage and family life as a "domestic church."

Through our participation, as faithful Catholic Christians, in a Christian network that purports to present the "full face of Christianity" we believe that we are living out the extraordinary commitment of Pope John Paul II to an authentic ecumenism. We are also insuring that the Catholic Way is opened to other Christians.

We also seek to present the "two lungs" of Christianity through presenting the Catholic Church in her universality, eastern and western, as we prayerfully await the full reunion between Orthodox and Catholic Christianity.

We believe that John Paul is much more than an extraordinary gift, he embodies a great renewal of Christianity and that his insights are a key to the "new springtime" and the "great missionary age" which he heralds.

Welcome to the house, enjoy the rooms, and…

Be Not Afraid!

Deacon Keith Fournier


    Catholic Way
    By Deacon Keith Fournier
    The Catholic Way is a way of being Christian; a dynamic way of living the gospel in its fullness.

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