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Chemical War

The War on the Womb

By Deacon Keith Fournier
There is a war on the womb...both children and women are its victims.

The War on the Womb
By: Deacon Keith Fournier
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On December 15, 2003 - ten days before the world paused to celebrate the birth of a homeless child whose life, death and Resurrection forever altered the course of human history - the “Food and Drug Administration” (FDA), an agency of the United States Government, held a public hearing to consider what was called the “Plan B” Pill. This agency is charged with ensuring that Americans are protected from harm caused by dangerous drugs or unsafe food. In this instance, the FDA actually recommended making this lethal chemical weapon available over the counter without a prescription.

Labeled by its advocates as a “morning after” pill, it was supposed to be “different” from Mifepristone (RU-486), which induces a miscarriage at any time after conception. The company that produces the chemical agent delivered through this pill, Women's Capital Corp. (WCC) claimed that their “Plan B” pill used “progestin”, a hormone used in contraceptive pills, to interfere with ovulation or prevent fertilization. However, the weight of medical evidence clearly disputed the claim. In approximately 75 percent of cases, this chemical mix is abortifacient, in that it makes the implantation of human life in the womb impossible. In effect, the “Plan B” Pill is no different than abortion-inducing medications like RU-486 used to cause medical abortions, it evicts human life.

It is not as if any of these attempts to distinguish between chemicals which allegedly prevent fertilization and those that do not really matter in this barbarism disguised as science. A chemical weapon is a chemical weapon. This new “pill” essentially denies nascent human life any room at the Inn, the first home of his or her mothers’ womb. This “Plan B” chemical weapon thus renders that human life homeless, interrupting “Plan A”, which is life and safety, nurture, human development and growth that is supposed to take place in the warmth and nurturing environment of the womb.

“Plan B” was simply one more “legal” direct chemical attack on a unique human life and, consequently on humanity itself. This so-called “breakthrough” was one more step in the brutal advance of the contemporary culture of death and use. Once again persons were viewed as products to be used rather than unique unrepeatable gifts to be received from the One who is the source and Giver of all life. New human life, when deemed to be inconvenient, is now viewed, as some- “thing” to be discarded.

Ironically, these hearings occurred around the time that U.S. military troops searched for alleged “weapons of mass destruction.” They were ordered to destroy those chemical weapons before they could cause untold human tragedy. The very allegation of the existence of such weapons-since disproved- became the basis for a war which has left thousands dead, maimed, wounded and forever scarred, physically and emotionally. Yet, our Government approved the manufacture of chemical weapons at home. These particular weapons were to be used in a new killing field, the womb. An agency of the most powerful government on the earth encouraged women to ingest them. The approval of this chemical weapon amounted to a governmental sanctioning of a chemical attack on human life in what has become the bloodiest battle field of our newly “enlightened” age, the mother’s womb.

Now, years after the approval of this chemical weapon, I read an AP report out of Los Angeles, California with this headline: “Federal health investigators are baffled: Why have four California women died from a bloodstream infection after using a controversial abortion pill?” These deaths occurred from the use of R.U. 486. As I read the report it seemed to me that the “surprise” must have been feigned. After all, the dangerous nature of that chemical weapon was very clear to anyone who understands the human body. Outside of the highly charged atmosphere of efforts to keep abortion fully accessible, the approval of RU486 for ingestion by women as some kind of “treatment” would have been quickly denied. It is lethal. Its sole purpose is to cause the death of the human life within the mother. It also brings with it serious risks to her own health, beyond those already caused by the death of the new life that was growing within her.

RU-486 is sold as either Mifeprex or mifepristone. Simply put, it is a chemical weapon being used on the first home of the whole human race. It involves the swallowing of two “pills” at different times by the mother in order to end the life of the human child that is growing within her. It is recommended to be taken up to 49 days after the start of a woman's last menstrual cycle. The first chemical blocks a hormone that the child needs in order to make the womb hospitable to his or her residency and development. The other is then taken to end the child’s life and evict him or her forcibly.

Our own government, through the Food and Drug Administration, instructs women to swallow both chemicals in its instructions on how to use this weapon. However the use of these chemical agents has led to what some call a refinement in the delivery system. It seems that many abortion clinics and abortionists are instructing women to insert the second chemical weapon vaginally in order to ensure that it is effective in its mission - to kill the human life growing inside the womb.

According to this AP report, the women who died may not have followed their governments’ directions on how to deliver the chemical agents. So, the government is investigating whether such a failure to follow their directions for delivery of the chemicals may have somehow caused their deaths. The FDA is still allowing this chemical cocktail to stay on the market. They are updating the warning label to alert women and “doctors” in more detail as to the possibility of unusual, dangerous infections that are not always accompanied by fever. The labels on the box already warn about the risk of bacterial infection, sepsis and death.

Statistics show that more than 460,000 women in the United States alone have used this chemical weapon mixture on the children in their womb- and on themselves- since it was invented in France in the 1980s. Assuming that each of them was only carrying one baby, the numbers of deaths are staggering. The cause is this chemical warfare on the womb.

Now, on July 29th, out of Geneva Switzerland comes word that the World Health Organization, through its International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has declared that Oral contraceptives that combine estrogen and progestin will be declared as carcinogenic and placed in their Group 1 classification, the highest classification of cancer causing substances. This kind of contraceptive is the most commonly prescribed form of artificial contraceptive used by women.  Of course the truth concerning the highly carcinogenic effects of these chemicals has been known by many for a long time. What is so surprising is that the WHO has finally admitted the truth concerning this danger. Yet, there was no recommendation given that these carcinogenic chemicals be withdrawn from the market or that there be any review of them.

What is happening to women - and to the children in their womb- is horrid.

There is a war on the womb.
Deacon Keith Fournier is a married Deacon of the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia. He is a graduate of the Franciscan University of Steubenville, the John Paul II Institute of the Lateran University and the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law. His eighth book, “The Prayer of Mary: Living the Surrendered Life” is now available in bookstores. He is the Senior Editor of Catholic Online and a Contributing Editor for Traditional Catholic Reflections and Reports.


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